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Genetic Counselor

Hamad Medical Corporation
Doha, Qatar


  • Provides emphathetic, non-directive pre-natal, pediatric and general genetic counseling including cancer genetics in the discussion of the diagnosis (when establishes and the findings when not), natural history, mode of inheritance, plan of care, genetic testing and/or prenatal testing options, alternative options for dealing with the issues at hand, and support services. This includes pre-natal, pediatric and general genetic counseling in specialized genetic counseling clinics that will be run independently by the counselor.

  • Obtains and analyzes, medical histories, results of investigations and consultations together with socio-cultural, psychodynamic and ethical issues.

  • Calculates risk (e.g. recurrence risk, presymptomatic diagnostic risk) incorporating information such as medical history, family history, the availability of genetic testing as well as relevant test results into the appropriate statistical methodology (e.g. Bayesian analysis).

  • Uses independent judgment to critically appraise published and unpublished data regarding testing options for a specific disorder and incorporates this appraisal into genetic counseling and follow-up plan.

  • Develops a genetic assessment and counseling care plan in collaboration with the clinical geneticist, the child/family, the HMC health care team. Liaises with relevant community agencies and resources to ensure appropriate follow-up and support.

  • Initiates appropriate laboratory or radiological investigations under the supervision of a clinical geneticist.

  • Assesses individual's / family's comprehension of the information provided during the counseling session and how this is being incorporated into their decision-making process with resulting follow-up sessions booked accordingly.

  • Addresses issues of loss and bereavement to assist the family in making the best possible adjustment to the disorder in an affected member and /or the risk of recurrence of that disorder in accordance with the religious beliefs of the family.

  • Assesses the risk factor of pathological adaptation necessitating referral to a mental health specialist as needed.

  • Serves as the patient's advocate and assesses their medical, financial, emotional and social needs and incorporates these variables into a genetic counseling care plan.

  • Provides written consultation summary letters to physicians, health care providers, and patients/ families if indicated as well as referral letters to consultative services. Develops standard counseling letter for various genetic disorders.

  • Redirects referral as indicated in consultation with referring physicians and the Physicial Clinical Geneticist.

  • Ongoing evaluation and revision of the interdisciplinary plan of care in collaboration with the family and health care team to ensure that individual / family needs are met. Updates medical records and keeps team members appraised of patient problems.

  • Identifies, initiates, participates in departmental and hospital educational activities, promotes clinical genetics, genetic counseling, multi-disciplinary research opportunities, outreach program and various public and scientific symposia.

  • Follows results of tests requested and reviews cases for further evaluation to assure continuity of patient care.

  • Other duties as assigned by the Director/ Chairman

Qualifications Required:

Education: Minimum: Master of Science in Genetic Counseling or related genetic medical field

Required Certification or Licensure or Registration: Board Eligible from American, Canadian, or recognized country’s Board of Genetic Counseling

Language Skills: English Intermediate, Arabic Basic

Computer Skills: Basic Computer

Key Competencies:

  • Special skills / aptitudes required; must have excellent skills in critical thinking, organization, and decision-making, and the ability to readily comprehend and disseminate complex and rapidly changing genetic information.

  • Must have excellent interpersonal and communication ability to exercise independent judgment, take initiative and leadership, and collaborate effectively as a member of the health care team.

  • Computer skills with ability to use Word applications are necessary.

Problem Solving / Decision Making:

Ability to solve problems with a significant degree of independence, influence others and resolve problems

Experience Required:

Minimum: 1+ years in a health care setting providing genetic counseling services

Preferred: 3+ years in a health care setting providing genetic counseling services


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