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Head Nurse

Security Forces Hospital
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Education/Qualifications Required: 

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing required

  • Valid Nursing License from country of origin required

  • Valid Registration in Saudi Council

  • Basic Audit Techniques and Approaches to Quality

  • Basic Research Methods

Experience Required:

  • Minimum of eight (8) years experience post graduate experience including 2 years at Head Nurse or equivalent grade in the specialty or a related area.

  • Previous experience of working in a multi-cultural environment.

Job Duties/Responsibilities:

Management of Nursing Personnel:

Provides direction to nursing personnel in accordance with organizational and departmental goals and objectives.

a. Interviews and assists with selection of staff for the patient care unit.

b. Conducts timely performance evaluations for each staff member.

c. Counsels employees and takes appropriate disciplinary action.

d. Schedules staff in a manner that ensures quality care standards; is fair to employees, and promotes optimal use of staff.

e. Makes staff schedule changes to adjust for patient acuity levels and adequate unit coverage.

f. Advises and informs staff about implementation of all policies and procedures.

g. Keeps the Assistant Director of Nursing informed of problems or personnel issues within the unit.

h. Promotes open and participative communication among staff within channels established by the department.

1. Represents Hospital and Nursing Management to unit staff.

J. Maintains a flexible schedule to be available to staff members.

k. Provides a climate in which staff can readily participate in change or innovations.

l. Establishes a new hire orientation program and follow up evaluation.

m. Monitors adherence to established dress code.

Management of the Patient Care Unit:

Controls and directs the unit to encourage quality patient care and staff satisfaction.

a. Serves as a resource person regarding clinical and fiscal management of the patient care unit.

b. Develops safety, cleanliness, and security standards for the patient care unit.

c. Regularly evaluates and monitors the use and replacement of equipment and supplies.

d. Prepares monthly reports concerning goals, achievements and problems of the patient care unit.

e. Cooperates and collaborates with other departments to provide appropriate support services to the patient care unit.

f. Makes recommendations to Nursing Administration

Management of Patient Care:

Coordinates and sets standards for the delivery of quality patient care on the unit on a twenty-four hour basis.

a. Assists with the development of, and provides input for patient care policies and procedures, and unit specific standards.

b. Ensures the utilization quality assurance standards and protocols on the patient unit.

c. Assigns patient care according to patient needs and nursing staff capabilities and qualifications.

d. Assists unit nursing personnel to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate nursing care.

e. Supervises and evaluates the quality of nursing and patient care through patient rounds and specific quality assurance projects.

f. Acts as a point of liaison with medical and paramedical staff in coordinating multi-disciplinary activities for patient care.

g. Sets standards for and evaluates nursing documentation.

h. Assumes the role of patient advocate as necessary.

1. Keeps the Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON) informed about patient care problems and issues affecting patient care.

J. Participates in patient and family education.

k. Serves on committees within the department, hospital, and professional organizations.

Management and Communication:

Interacts effectively with patients, family and team members to maintain standards of professional care to patients, families and visitors.

a. Demonstrates sensitivity to cultural and religious beliefs through a caring, respectful attitude, presentation and delivery.

b. Demonstrates effective written and verbal communication skills using recognized medical terminology.

c. Promotes positive working relationships within the health care team.

d. Demonstrates effective time management and priority setting skills in daily nursing care.

e. Uses supplies and resources in a cost-effective manner.

Educational Responsibilities:

Promotes professional growth and development of nursing staff.

a. Provides input to assist in identifying the learning needs of staff on the unit.

b. Participates actively in the process to coordinate on-going professional development of staff on the unit.

c. Assumes responsibility for own learning and development needs. Meet requirement for unit-specific competencies.

d. Role models good public relations while interpreting philosophy, goals, objectives, policies, and procedures to all personnel, patients and to the public.

e. Fosters positive inter and intra-departmental relations by projecting a collaborative and cooperative approach within the role.

f. Supervises the on-going review and practice of emergency procedures by the unit staff.

Complies with the. standards laid down by the Approved National and International Accreditation Agencies.

Reports any occurrence not consistent with the operation of the hospital or standard of service of patients, employees or visitors and situations which put patients, staff or visitors at risk for injury or other harm.

Performs other applicable tasks and duties assigned, within the realm of his/her knowledge, skills and abilities.


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