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Medical Physicist

King Abdulaziz Medical City - Riyadh
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Within the mission, vision and values of Saudi Arabian National Guard - Health Affairs, responsible for ensuring implementation of radiation safety protocol, quality assurance and improvement in radiology, coordination of CPD and supervision of work of radiology staff in FMPHC.

Education / Qualification Required:

MSC in Medical Physics or Radiation Protection from an accredited institution.


2 years post graduation relevant experience in Radiation Protection in healthcare settings.


Current and clean medical license to practice from North America, Western Europe, Australia or New Zealand.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Enforce all radiation safety practices at the centers including appropriate and safe operation of radiological equipment and handling of radioactive material. 
  • Perform radiation safety and quality assurance surveys of radiological equipment, as part pf a regular periodic safety program, and maintain record of the survey data, and report results to the responsible authority.
  • Ensure occupational safety of all radiology staff, other staff and patients who may be exposed to job related or procedure related radiation to be by carrying out safety rounds in center, ergonomic check, hazardous condition identification, safety check and safe use of Personal Protective Equipment OVA reporting related to safety.
  • Develop and conduct a radiation safety training program for the radiology personnel , coordinate orientation of new staff and refresher upgrade of radiation safety protocols knowledge and skill of radiology staff
  • Act as a Liaison officer from the Department of FMPHC to coordinate activities within the chairman of Medical or his representative regarding safety protocols, training and continuous professional development of FMPHC radiology staff and implementation of other radiology related administrative policies. 
  • train and coordinate activities with health Inspectors/Controllers in addition to radiology staff, in centers where assistance can be sought regarding radiation safety, i.e. in Hazmant management, storage, equipment check etc. 
  • Monitor environmental radiation levels that both radiology and other staff are exposed to in the center with the use of radiological equipment and in general areas such as basements and rooms adjacent to radiology 
  • plan and assist in planning radiation- safe new buildings and /or modifications in existing physical structure coordinate the provision of appropriate medical care for the exposed staff as per safety protocols. 
  • coordinate drills and training for staff in management of possible radiation fallout disaster and scenarios of possible intake of patients by the center in radiation exposure emergencies. 
  • perform other job related duties as assigned 



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