Midwifery Specialist Clinical

Midwifery Specialist Clinical

  • Hamad Medical Corporation
  • Doha, Qatar


The Midwife assists in the process which ensures that the woman’s care is delivered in accordance with established Corporate wide policies and procedures and international midwifery standards. Provides evidence based education to patients and staff based on theoretical and clinical expertise. This position will be accountable to ensure the continuity of the care of the woman and her baby during her duty hours.


  • Masters in Nursing or Midwifery (or field of health practice e.g. Mental Health) or equivalent postgraduate education


  • Minimum of 5 years’ post nursing registration experience
  • Including a minimum of 3 years’ experience in specialty area of focus
  • Including a minimum of 1 year or more  as an Clinical Midwife Specialist


  • Valid Primary Midwifery license from the country of origin

Job Duties and Requirements

  • Provides skilled safe, holistic, culturally competent, woman-centred care to families, community and society, in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team.
  • Provides direct care for women and the newborn in a variety of settings to include the hospital, home, clinics, primary health care units and the community.
  • Provides safe, responsive and compassionate care and support for the woman and her family to promote normal birth.
  • Provides guidance for and supervision of personnel accountable to the Graduate Registered Midwife.
  • Coordinates midwifery services with the services of other health care disciplines.
  • Fosters a climate conducive to the educational experiences for midwives, nurses and students.
  • Evaluates the quality and appropriateness of care.
  • Accepts organizational accountability for services provided to recipients.
  • Accepts accountability for own actions and decision-making and for the related outcome.
  • Functions at all times in accordance with legislative, regulatory and policy guidelines relevant to registered midwifery practice.
  • Maintains and demonstrates clinical competence in all aspects of care provided to women.
  • Undertakes the appropriate emergency measures within her sphere of practice in the absence of the doctor.
  • Develops, implements, evaluates, revises and provides input to the woman’s plan of care.
  • Administers medications and therapies in a safe, timely and effective manner in accordance with HMC policy.
  • Utilizes effective communication skills to ensure that other members of the health care team, the woman and their family are and remain fully informed.
  • Exhibits leadership qualities and manages midwifery care competently, efficiently and ethically.
  • Ensures midwifery practice meets organizational quality and safety standards and guidelines and participates in continuous quality improvement.
  • Maintains and promotes customer satisfaction through effective customer service.
  • Delegates and provides supervision to team members according to their competence and scope of practice.
  • Demonstrates commitment to the development of other members in the healthcare team, as well as women, families, community and society.
  • Assumes responsibility for own professional development through lifelong learning and maintains a professional portfolio that includes evidence of continued competence and improvement within midwifery to ensure continued competence and performance improvement.
  • Provides information to the woman and her family in relation to maintaining and optimizing health and maximizing self-care.
  • Applies best available evidence to support clinical reasoning, decision making and safe practice.
  • Utilizes data systems to enhance the quality and delivery of woman-centered care.
  • Promotes research, evaluation and audits to improve healthcare practice and disseminates findings to colleagues, women and their families.