MS Practice Clinical Resource Nurse

MS Practice Clinical Resource Nurse

  • Mayo Clinic - Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC)
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Responsible for the implementation and delivery of patient care congruent with the mission, vision and values of the Organization. Responsible for ensuring age appropriate care is provided by nursing/midwifery staff of the unit(s) and care adheres to the Professional Code of Conduct and Scope of Practice of the regulatory body. A member of the nursing/midwifery leadership team who is responsible for developing and implementing age appropriate clinical practice standards consistent with best practice guidelines. Participates in the development and maintenance of a competency-based continuing education program that supports the nurses/midwifes in all specialty areas towards improvement in clinical practice. Provides clinical leadership in relevant area of specialty.

Key areas of responsibility include but not limited to Standards of patient care, Education of Staff, patient and family, Clinical practice, education and research, Professional Leadership, Service Excellence.


  • Bachelor degree in nursing or equivalent qualification of NLT 3 years study duration from an accredited program;
  • And 1 year as an academic educator
  • And BLS



  • NLT 6 years clinical experience post qualification in an appropriate & relevant healthcare settings
  • Positive written references which must identify specific responsibilities as a clinical resource nurse


  • 1 year as an educator


Valid and in a good Standing License in current country of practice

Job Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Performs consistent, systematic evaluation of clinically based programmes to determine if they meet patient/staff needs and are responsive to department/organisational direction.
  • Formulates measurable performance criteria to assess nurses levels of competence.
  • Provides the clinical expertise essential to support managers with elective problem solving and decision making
  • Promotes and supports a collaborative practice model.
  • Maintains accurate records of educational activity and reports as required.
  • Facilitate achievement of individual, departmental, and organisational goals.
  • Fosters open communication, learning, and professional growth of the nursing staff.
  • Collaborates with managers regarding staff development programmes.
  • Contributes to effective and efficient utilization of human resources, consumables and equipment.
  • Initiates action and reports to the appropriate manager, when staff behavior and/or performance do not meet professional standards.

Management of Clinical Practice

  • Identifies educational needs and develops educational programmes accordingly.
  • Collaborates with nursing staff and other disciplines in the development, implementation, and evaluation of educational programmes.
  • Demonstrates skill in adult education, group dynamics, curriculum development, communication, and teaching strategies.
  • Assists nursing staff to integrate new knowledge and skill into their practice and ensures that ongoing competency is maintained.
  • Supports an environment that allows staff to acquire skills, identify and develop new ideas that ensures commitment to the organisational goals
  • In liaison with the Nurse Manager, reviews nursing practice and addresses required changes based on best practice guidelines
  • Provides specialty specific orientation to relevant staff and participates the organisations orientation programmes as required.
  • Sets clear measurable programme objectives and evaluates programme outcomes
  • Provides bedside clinical consultations in area of expertise/specialization.
  • Collaborates with nursing staff in identifying patient care concerns and in determining areas that necessitate resolution through staff education.
  • Provides opportunities for individual nursing staff development
  • Analyzes studies trends in nursing practice and recommends changes or adjustments in existing practice, adapting as required to meet the needs of the patient.
  • Leads the implementation of evidence based practice and actively participates in research to promote clinical knowledge and a research based clinical practice environment.
  • Support the staff to provide a suitable environment for patient and family learning
  • Engages in health promotion activities in the organisation and community
  • Responds to all levels of emergencies according to the organisations policies and procedures.


  • Maintains a strong communication network with the clinical leadership in promoting educational programmes.
  • Uses information technology to access, transmit and produce information as necessary
  • Maintains confidentiality and security of patient, family, and organisation information in accordance with the confidentiality policy
  • Facilitates elective communication between the patient, family and the interdisciplinary health care team as required

Performance Improvement/Risk Management

  • Participates in quality improvement activities by assisting with the development, implementation and review of standards, policies, procedures and guidelines, evaluation of indicators and reporting of outcomes and trends.
  • Utilise information gained from programme evaluation to determine future programme directions.
  • Supports and participates in ongoing educational and research programmes within the Nursing Department and the organisation.
  • Supports a culture of performance improvement. Monitors and evaluates the quality of nursing care
  • Audits compliance with organisational documentation standards
  • Monitors and supports the organisational Key Performance Indicators and Clinical Indicators and reinforces corrective action to improve clinical service.
  • Responsible for minimizing exposure to incidents of infection/cross infection of patients, staff, visitors and the general public
  • Ensures staff adheres to the infection control policies and procedures of the organisation
  • Complies with International and HA-AD Patient Safety Goals
  • Participates in interdisciplinary teams and Performance Improvement Projects for evaluation and improvement of processes and clinical practice.

Professional Responsibilities

  • Maintains contemporary knowledge of evidence based practice relevant to specialty.
  • Participates in activities which enhance own professional growth and development.
  • Acts as a professional role model with regards to self-development and self-accountability by projecting the image of a self-directed learner and setting high personal work standards.
  • Develops and achieves annual performance criteria/goals in conjunction with the Line Manager
  • Maintains and updates a professional portfolio.
  • Identifies and utilises various mechanisms to assist in development of leadership skills.
  • Utilises internal educational resources and external agencies to assist with development of job specific competencies.
  • Maintains and updates own professional development through relevant educational activities
  • Initiates or participates in Nursing and or other disciplines research that contributes to continual improvement in standards of care.
  • Obtains accredited and non-accredited Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) Units in compliance with HA-AD and the organisation’s requirements.


  • The Clinical Resource Nurse will also be expected to contribute to the wider corporate and organisational development needs as appropriate within scope of practice
  • The Clinical Resource Nurse will be expected to ensure compliance with the requirement of the Health and Safety regulations of the hospital
  • Upholds the organisation customer service standards at all times