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Neurophysiology Technologist

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center - Riyadh
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Working independently, the technologist ensures a proper environment for testing in the laboratory, in the wards, Emergency Room (ER) or Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

  • Obtains medical history of patient and summarizes relevant data. Puts patient at ease and explains procedure. Safely performs auditory, visual or electrical stimulation of the nervous system. Adjusts settings of equipment to ensure proper and accurate test results. Recognizes and eliminates artefacts to produce meaningful diagnostic information

  • Precisely measures and applies multiple electrodes carefully and securely to predetermined anatomic sites. Based on patient’s age, diagnosis, current state and medical history, performs Digital Video Electroencephalography (EEG), Visual, Brainstem Auditory and Somatosensory Evoked Potentials, Nerve conduction Studies, Sleep studies, Pulse Oximetry, Autonomic Studies and Long Term Video/Digital Encephalographic monitoring (LTM), in both adult and pediatric patients. 

  • Performs urgent diagnostic tests on critically ill patients in ICUs and the ER on mobile equipment or in the laboratory setting, coordinating with nursing and respiratory therapy personnel

  • Monitors patients with surgically implanted intracranial electrodes

  • Assists physicians with invasive procedures in Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring, Electrocorticography and Electromyography

  • Monitors patients intraoperatively. Performs complex pre-operative setups with electrodes on multiple anatomic sites. Watches and assesses the quality of the neurophysiologic waveforms. Follows the patient’s systemic and anaesthetic state while keeping track of surgical activities. Communicates with and gives feedback to Neurophysiologist as necessary

  • Observes patient reactions clinically and electrographically during testing. Notes signs of distress, medical emergencies, or seizures, takes remedial action, notifies nurse and notifies physician if necessary

  • Makes preliminary analysis and description of the waveforms or potentials, ensuring that it is meaningful and acceptable. Notes pertinent data for physician review

  • Ensures safety of patient and safe operation of equipment. Informs supervisor in writing of equipment faults. Maintains work area. Ensures adequate levels of stocks and supplies in procedure areas.

  • Cleans and disinfects clinical equipment, following infection control policies and guidelines

  • Participates in on-call rota for EEG and LTM services

  • Works as team leader in procedural areas, on rotational basis

  • Participates in self and others’ education, training and development. Attends department education activities and participates in laboratory in-service program

  • Participates in laboratory quality improvement programs

  • Follows all Hospital related policies and procedures. Follows all laboratory procedures and guidelines.

Qualifications Required:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Neurophysiology or related discipline

  • Successful completion of a formal two-year program in Clinical Neurophysiology

  • Board registration in EEG/Electro diagnostics or equivalent (certificate through examination from an accredited Electroneurodiagnostic Program)

Experience Required:

  • Two years post qualification experience as a Neurophysiology Technologist in an acute care hospital setting

Special Skills Required:

  • Electroencephalogram

  • Evoked Potentials

  • Nerve Conduction Studies

  • Long Term Epilepsy Monitoring/ Subdural studies / Electrocorticography

  • Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring

  • Polysomnography / Pulse Oximetry

  • Autonomic Studies


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