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Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates


The Imaging Institute offers the following services: Diagnostic Radiology (Abdominal Imaging, Cardiac & Pulmonary Imaging, Musculoskeletal Imaging), Neuroradiology, Diagnostic & Therapeutic Interventional Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging, PET/CT.

Education / Qualification Required:

  • Bachelor degree in Nuclear Medicine or 
  • Diploma in Nuclear Medicine technology
  • Basic medical degree from recognized institution

Experience Post Post-Qualifications:

  • Minimum 2 years post qualifications 


  • Current and clean license/registration to practice from:  USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, or New Zealand

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Explain imaging procedures to the patient and answer questions
  • Follow safety procedures to protect themselves and the patient from unnecessary radiation exposure
  • Examine machines to ensure that they are working properly
  • Prepare radioactive drugs and administer them to the patient
  • Monitor the patient to check for unusual reactions to the drugs
  • Operate equipment that creates images of areas in the body, such as images of organs
  • Keep detailed records of procedures


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To apply for this position, please complete the form below. As per our agreement with hospitals we recruit for, we can only work with candidates who obtained their qualifications and experience from: US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia & New Zealand.

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