Nursing Educator – I

Nursing Educator – I

  • Hamad Medical Corporation
  • Doha, Qatar

We are seeking a talented, enthusiastic and passionate candidate whom will be responsible for providing comprehensive nursing care utilizing the nursing process and meeting the established standard of nursing practice and performance.


Nurse Educator 1 makes an important contribution to the design and delivery of high quality education in clinical and classroom settings to patients, women, families and the public and/or nurses employed across HMC. They achieve this by working as a member of a clinical and/or education team. Working within educational governance or accreditation frameworks an Educator 2 can act as a planner in the design, delivery and evaluation of high quality evidence-based continuing, in-service and/or patient education related to an area of practice, staff and/or patient needs. They are involved in designing and delivering activities that reflect standards, policies and competency formulation related to nurse and/or patient education needs. They contribute to collaborative clinical nursing clinical networks involved in developing education. They are important in ensuring professional, regulatory, organizational or credentialing requirements for nursing staff and/or patients are met and documented by Nurse Educator 1 or preceptors/validators. They may supervise others working in educator roles with patients and their families and/or nurses and monitor the work of those undertaking delegated tasks or activities.
This job description should be read in conjunction with the HMC Registered Nurse/Midwife Scope of Practice, the HMC Competency Framework for the Education Track, HMC Code of Leadership Behaviours and the HMC Code of Professional Behaviour and Ethics for Nurses and Midwives.
To fulfill the responsibilities summarized above, the Nurse Educator 1 works collaboratively offering informed input in areas associated with education designed for nursing personnel, patient, families and the public, and where appropriate members of wider interdisciplinary team. Their responsibilities include:

Job Duties/Responsibilities:

Professional and Ethical Practice:

  • Acts in ways that others can learn and mirror professional responsibility including accountability and appropriate delegation.
  • Contributes to the integration of knowledge related to legal and ethical issues of patient nurse education into the design and implementation of education activities, policies and procedures related to patients and families, learners, faculty, and the educational environment.


  • Acts as an exponent of evidence-based person-centred nursing and/or patient education practice.
  • Ensures institutional trends, issues and agendas associated with education for patients and families and/or nurses are prioritized in the educational design process and/or patient education.
  • Demonstrates advanced communication skills when giving feedback on performance, supervising and mentoring and/or exploring diagnostic or prognostic information.
  • Works with learners and other members of the team to identify needs and preferred learning styles to maximize impacts of learning.
  • Develops and demonstrates a range of skills to support learning, teaching and assessment.
    Leadership and Management
  • Supports members of the clinical and education team to nurture the skills and capabilities, of others assuring familiarity with policies and procedures associated with care, regulation and guide overall development of people and/or teams.
  • Works within a framework of professional integrity employ strategies to shape and implement change and contribute to improvement.
  • Collaborates with nursing colleagues, patients, families and the public, and the wider healthcare team to influence and design curriculum and deliver activity.
  • Contributes to enhancement and audit of the clinical learning environment.
  • Models professional behavior including involvement in personal professional development, engagement in lifelong learning, and develops skills in the dissemination of information through publication, presentations, advocacy and representation.
  • Provides high quality learning and teaching activities, materials and presentations based on sound educational principles, evidence and/or theory under supervision/as delegated.
  • Education, Learning and Development
  • Integrates corporate philosophy and mission, current nursing and healthcare trends and best practice in order that patients and families achieve optimum health and/or staff function effectively.
  • Uses educational theory, analysis of real world contexts and best available evidence to inform teaching activities.
  • Engages with issues/concerns raised by learners or staff and assist in resolution referring where necessary to senior colleagues.
  • Participates in evaluating educational activity and auditing the clinical learning environment in order to identify gaps and needs and devise action plans, engage in improvement where necessary.

Research and Improvement

  • Analyses findings to identify learning needs of learners and develop and assess the quality of education activity in order to improve learning.
  • Exhibits a spirit of enquiry related to teaching and learning, learner development, evaluation and aspects of the educator role.
  • Initiate and/or engage in service improvement activities bring educational expertise to clinical challenges.
  • Educational Qualifications & Certificates
    Essential Education:
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing/Midwifery (or in the field of health practice e.g. Mental Health) or equivalent health related degree, and/or post graduate award leading to, or in addition to, a valid nursing license that meets the requirements for licensing in the State of Qatar.
  • Has undertaken certified specialty education as per the Job Description.

Required certification/licensure:

  • Current and in Good Standing Nursing License/Registration (RN) to practice in country of residence
  • AND be eligible for license in the Supreme Council for Health State of Qatar
  • Relevant life support/resuscitation certificates preferred, but there will opportunity to undertake as part of orientation


  • Minimum 3 years post registration experience.
  • This should include an experience in a role in support of learning (e.g. as a preceptor), an experience in a role supporting educational activity (e.g. as a Clinical Instructor or Patient/Parent Educator), and an experience in a role involving the management and supervision of others.


Language Skills:

  • English – reading, writing, spoken – proficient (essential)
  • Arabic (preferred)
    Computer Skills:
  • Competent IT skills that enable online literature searching, and presentation of feedback/learning to peers using powerpoint and/or word programs.
  • Specific/Technical/Functional Competencies

Clinical Practice

  • Demonstrates a range of communication skills using a variety of media
  • Works as a team member and demonstrates leadership attributes
  • Contribute to ensuring the clinical learning environment is condusive to education and undertakes audit and evaluation
  • Develops the education design process cycle and programs of education
  • Contributes to development of educational activity based on gap analysis
  • Demonstrate undertaking of improvement science and supports others engaging in improvement/patient safety initiatives

Research & Evidence based

  • Maintains currency through active engagement with literature, media, and materials and embeds in teaching activity
  • Reviews literature related to their field/speciality and integrates to enrich the quality of the learning experience
  • Demonstrate skills and engages in scholarly activity and dessemination of outputs

Education, Learning and Development

  • Undertakes continuing education at a minimum compliant with the Supreme Council of Health requirements for relicensure
  • Maintains competence in using hospital IT systems
  • Maintains familarity with HMC policies and procedures relevant to area/field of practice and integrates in activity
  • Demonstrates skills required for the effective use of teaching, learning, assessment and evaluation strategies
  • Undertakes presentations within the clinical environment annually
  • Promotes positive orientation and preceptoring process through support
  • Develops and sustains personal and professional knowledge/skills, maintaining a professional portfolio