Nursing Supervisor

Nursing Supervisor

  • Alfardan Medical Northwestern Medicine
  • Doha, Qatar

We are looking for hard-working & adventurous Nursing Supervisor who wish to advance their careers by joining overseas hospitals to gain international experience.

Facilitates continuity of established nursing practice/comprehensive nursing care delivery. Supports and upholds objectives of Nursing and Hospital Administration and positively promotes Nursing Affairs (NA) across organization.

Education / Qualification Required:

  • Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from recognized Institution in the US.

Experience Post Post-Qualifications:

  • Four (4) years of nursing experience
  • Two (2) years in a leadership position with Master’s Degree
  • Or Six (6) years of experience with Bachelor’s Degree


  • Current and in Good Standing Nursing License/Registration (RN) to practice in country of residence

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Represents Nursing Administration during evenings, nights, and weekends.
  • Ensures appropriate utilization of nursing resources.
  • Confers with charge person regarding patient acuity and/or staffing changes required. Determines staffing changes and approves overtime to provide for unplanned situations. Maintains an awareness of resource utilization,
  • exercising care in the ordering and use of staff, equipment, and materials.
  • Refers unit-specific occurrences or incidents to Head Nurse and/or Nursing Administration for follow up.
  • Provides input to Head Nurse and/or Nursing Administration for staff performance evaluations. Advises, counsels and disciplines staff as required or requested.
  • Responds to Code Green, Fire, and Disaster Drills.
  • Prepares reports and maintains records.
  • Observes and evaluates nursing care effectiveness on shift and communicates identified issues to Head Nurse and/or Nursing Administration.
  • Participates in the promotion and maintenance of effective communication and teamwork.
  • Actively welcomes new staff/students to the assigned area and participates in retention activities. Contributes to the retention of all staff to meet the assigned area specific turnover rate goal.
  • Demonstrates collaborative multi-disciplinary partnerships working towards the achievements of constant improvement in quality patient care and the smooth running of out of hour’s operations.
  • Identifies ideas that will improve the quality of patient care and issues that will negatively impact on patient care outcomes, using the professional practice framework. Participates through team working and collaborative partnerships in identifying and implementing solutions through evidence based practice or research to demonstrate improvements reflected in unit, divisional, organizational data, and bench marks.
  • Develops and sustains own knowledge, skills, and professional awareness and maintains a professional profile. Provides documented evidence of performance and maintenance of skills consistent with position.
  • Contributes to the achievement of clinical quality outcome indicators and patient satisfaction. Participates in Performance Improvement activities as assigned. Contributes to special projects/assignments linked to nursing strategic priorities and professional practice model.
  • Follow all Hospital related policies and procedures.
  • Participates in self and other’s education, training and development, as applicable.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.