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OPD General Charge Nurse

Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC) Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC)
Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates


Responsible to look after all specialties except spinal, oral surgery and dental. See patients from initial consultation through consultations ahead of treatment and follow up appointments after discharge.

Education / Qualification Required:

  • BS Degree in Nursing
  • Associate Degree/Diploma in Nursing


  • Minimum Four (4) years of experience in Outpatients
  • Minimum Two (2) years of experience in a Charge Nurse, Head Nurse of Assistant Head Nurse position preferred and or demonstrates leadership qualities during relief Charge Nurse assignment


Valid and in a good Standing License in current country of practice

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensures high standards of patient care in the unit/department at all times
  • Directs, facilitates and guides in order to bring the best out of the nursing staff in the service area
  • Assesses nursing services by making rounds, conducting chart reviews and evaluates patient care
  • Ensures nursing care is provided in accordance with policy, procedures and nursing standards
  • Coordinates nursing activities and maintains a conducive working environment
  • Performs specific responsibilities as delegated by KSUMC Nursing administration
  • Ensures nursing staff interact effectively with patients, family and team members to maintain standards of professional care to patients, families and visitors
  • Ensures that patients' safety and rights are upheld on the ward! department
  • Ensures patients' privacy and confidentiality is maintained at all times
  • Ensures patients' satisfaction needs are met in a courteous and timely manner
  • Provides clinical guidance to nursing staff to maintain standards of professional care to patients, families and visitors
  • Manages and conducts probationary and annual performance appraisal on assigned nurses and other staff where relevant setting personal objectives and identifying any personal development
  • Ensures new employees are orientated in the department / unit and attend KSUMC general and nursing orientation programme 
  • Identifies and develops the role of the senior nurses to become effective mentors! supervisors in clinical practice
  • Leads the production of an annual training needs analysis plan for the ward! unit area
  • Counsels and disciplines nursing staff when needed following agreed organisation policy and procedures
  • Ensures hospital policies and procedures are implemented and fully understood by healthcare staff
  • Follows proper communication channeling as established by nursing administration
  • Liaises directly with patients and staff to resolve urgent concerns, including resolving stressful or distressing situations
  • Leads and participates in change and innovations in the department / unit
  • Participates in nursing and! or interdisciplinary committees and task forces
  • Ensures staff safety, welfare and development with promotion of good staff and patient interrelationship 
  • Ensures healthcare staff adheres to the established dress code policy
  • Performs other applicable tasks and duties assigned, within the realm of his / her knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Demonstrates competency in emergency procedures ensuring nursing staff are up to date with BLS certification
  • Leads evidence-based nursing practice in partnership with the service manager and educator/s
  • Attends in-service trainings and keeps abreast of current developments in nursing, managerial / administrative, medicine and allied professions by attending mandated educational program, continuing educational programs for professional and self-development
  • Conducts teaching sessions for colleagues as part of professional and self-development
  • Ensures the quality of the learning environment to support the development of students, interns and staff
  • Assists, maintains and directs the unit to encourage quality patient care and staff satisfaction
  • Creates an environment that encourages staff to contribute to the improvement of quality patient care in a transcultural environment
  • Demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of the patients' rights while receiving care within the hospital
  • Advises the Service Manager on ways to improve the service
  • Contributes to the development of Hospital wide policies and procedures when requested
  • Supports the Service Manager to ensure all complaints are fully investigated and appropriate corrective actions are implemented
  • Leads the identification and reporting on actual and potential problems related to patient, staff, visitors and any untoward occurrences through eOVR
  • Manages and reports to the Service Manager occurrences not consistent with the operation of the hospital or standard of service for patient, employees, or visitors and situations which put patients, staff, or visitors at risk for injury or other harm
  • Contributes to the management and sustainability of quality care in the clinical area
  • Leads the management and monitoring of resource utilization within the unit! department
  • Supports the Service Manager with developing and implementing a manpower plan based on service needs and the recruitment and selection of personnel
  • Manages staffing plan and develops criteria for work assignment
  • Applies problem-solving techniques to unit related issues
  • Ensures a safe and secure environment for patients, visitors, and colleagues by adhering to the fire, safety and infection control policies
  • Assists with organizational projects as requested
  • Establishes effective time management and priority setting skills in daily nursing care
  • Communicates and/ or documents verbally or in writing all relevant information as per established standards according to organization policy
  • Reports equipment failures, safety and security issues, and/ or reduction of supply inventory to the relevant department
  • Promotes positive working relationships within the health care team
  • Collaborates with other disciplines and members of the health care team to solve problems, after appropriate consultation with others
  • Adheres to established dress code policy
  • Writes an official delegation of all responsibilities and assignments prior to leave / vacation


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