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Organ Transplant Donation Coordinator

Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC) Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC)
Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates


Responsible to coordinate with multidisciplinary team, and any other appropriate healthcare provider the provision of quality care for patients, their family members and the community. 

Education / Qualification Required:

BS Degree in Nursing


  • Senior Charge Nurse: Experience as per DoH PQR with no experience in Organ Donation
  • Charge Nurse: Minimum (2) Two years of experience in Organ Donation
  • Staff Nurse: Minimum (4) Four years of experience in Organ Donation


Valid and in a good Standing License in current country of practice

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Organ Donation Process Management

  • Donor detection and support 
    • Ensure daily ICU screening for potential donor detection.
    • Perform an on-site physical assessment of the donor, examine documentary evidence, and liaise with the Consultant Intensivist and the medical staff required to ascertain suitability for organ donation, line with appropriate legislation and national policies and procedures.
    • Support and ascertain the families understanding of the patient’s death and determine the most appropriate time to discuss the opportunity for donation with the family.  Help the family to accept the diagnosis of death as described by the patient’s physician.
    • Communicate highly sensitive and complex information to bereaved families where there are barriers to understanding and acceptance, using high level communication skills due to the emotive atmosphere. 
    • Obtain consent in line with legislation and all other relevant policies, ensuring that appropriate documentation is complete. 
    • Offer ongoing emotional support to all donor families during and after the process of donation.
  • Donor maintenance
    • Implement donor management protocols, to maximize the placement of organs.  This process will include assessment of the patient’s clinical condition, review of medical records and obtaining history from the patient’s medical team.
    • Establish and maintain effective lines of communication with transplant surgeons, recipient transplant coordinators, and other relevant staff in Transplant Units.
  • Organ retrieval 
    • Support staff and donor family members throughout retrieval process
    • Ensure the safe transfer of the patient to Operating Theater and continued coordination of the donation process.  
    • Respond promptly and take any necessary action to emerging clinical information throughout the Operating Theater donation process. 

Quality & Safety

  • Participates in clinical performance improvement activities
  • Assists in the collection and reporting of indicators data and audits 
  • Gather, interpret, and use data to identify problems and trends and to demonstrate outcomes and cost-effectiveness 
  • Participates in Quality Assurance programs within the clinical care setting
  • Assists in development of CQI processes for Organ Donation and any other relevant process 
  • Actively participates in the development and implementation of  Organ Donation projects including Clinical Pathways, Quality Improvement tools, data analysis and variance reporting
  • Maintain robust and confidential records of donors, donating procedures and outcomes in accordance with relevant policies.


  • Develop, provide and evaluate in-house training and in-service educational programs on all aspects of donation for hospital staff. 
  • Participate in the training and development of donation services team members. 
  • Facilitate and support general public education, in line with agreed hospital strategy.


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