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OSCE Specialist

Khalifa University
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


The OSCE Specialist is responsible for observing and assessing medical students’ clinical skills during standardized patient (SP)/objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) sessions.


  • A Degree in Nursing 


  • At least 3-5 years’ experience in general clinical work.
  • Previous experience in simulation laboratory training.
  • Certified with current BLS CPR and RN and ALS, Nursing license.
  • Skills in acute care, knowledge of simulation techniques, and excellent knowledge and understanding of human pathophysiology.
  • Possess the skills and ability to train the students, Faculty and clinical staff on the simulation equipment

Job Duties and Requirements

  • The OSCE Specialist will create realistic scenarios to guide and instruct the students from in and outside the university
  • Provide quality patient care and to ensure patient safety
  • Work collaboratively with the faculty to foster the application of critical thinking and the integration of knowledge along with the psycho-motor practice of skills.
  • Develop and implement clinical based scenarios in the laboratory and for the computerized simulators.
  • Demonstrate laboratory procedures and monitor the students in demonstrating procedures.
  • Operate and maintain the computerized simulation equipment.
  • Monitor laboratory resources, maintain inventory control and order laboratory supplies and equipment for the skills classes.
  • Collaborate with faculty as needed to ensure the preparation of laboratories and equipment based on course needs and scheduling.
  • Participate in the planning and scheduling of the laboratory time to ensure adequate available time for the students to practice in the clinical skills lab throughout the semester.
  • Assist course coordinators to ensure that laboratory experience meets course objectives and caters to individual needs as requested by faculty or students.
  • Train the students in both basic and advance Nursing Skills.
  • Arrange for and visit clinical sites
  • Adheres to the University's information security and confidentiality policies and procedures, and reports breaches or other security risks accordingly
  • Coordinates with other departments to facilitate the accomplishment of tasks and responsibilities, as and when needed.
  • Performs other tasks as assigned by the Line Manager


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To apply for this position, please complete the form below. As per our agreement with hospitals we recruit for, we can only work with candidates who obtained their qualifications and experience from: US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia & New Zealand.

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