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Pathology Chairman

Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Hospital Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Hospital
Madinah , Saudi Arabia


In addition to his/her duty as a Consultant, the Chair of Pathology shall be held accountable by the Chief of Medical Services fulfilling the obligations which are common to all department Chair in the hospital (according to JCIA standards, laws and bylaws and rules and regulations for medical staff). The duties and responsibilities of the Chair are subject by not limited to the following:

  • The Chair is responsible for supporting National Guard Health Affairs Mission, Goal and Core Values

  • The Chair in liaison with the Head Divisions is responsible for developing the mission, goals and objectives that are specific to the department. The departmental mission and goal must be in line with the corporate mission and goals. In doing so, the Chair will serve as an advocate for the departments interest.

  • The Chair is responsible for fulfilling the needs of the department when include the selection recruitment and retention of competent professional manpower as well as ensuring the availability of material and equipment which is deemed necessary for the treatment of all patients

  • Define the department’s Scope of Service and strategy, plan basic community needs and available resources

  • Plan, schedule and direct work of the department in collaboration with the Head Divisions

  • Assure that regular and systematic monitoring and evaluation of quality, appropriateness of patient care and safety are performed in conjunction with available departmental and hospital resources. The Chair will ensure that the work is carried out in collaboration with the departmental Quality Improvement and Peer Review Committee. The Chair will also assure that recommendations for action within the department are implemented

  • Assume responsibility for implementation of hospital and department policies and procedures, laws and bylaws, rules and regulations for medical staff within the department

  • Prepare the department’s annual report of departmental activities for submission to Medical Services

  • Continuous monitoring of the clinical performance and ethical behaviour of all physicians who hold privileges including locums within the department

  • Ensure a clean, pleasant and professional working environment

  • Promote Residency, Fellowship and other training programs within the department

  • Assumes responsibility for overseeing work and ethical behaviour for all staff in conjunction with Chief Medical Services

  • Promote a multidisciplinary teamwork approach as a means of establishing and maintaining patient care practice and other professional activities

  • Meet monthly with all members of the department as a means of establishing and maintain patient care practice and other professional activities

  • Meet monthly with all members of the department to address any standing concerns, discuss policies, activities, programs, etc.

  • Meet monthly with all members of the department to address any standing concerns, discuss policies, activities, programs, etc.

  • Meet monthly with the department’s Division Heads to review and evaluate patient care as well as stay up to date on activities and concerns throughout the department

  • Assesses applications make recommendations to the Chair of the Promotions and Credentialing Committee concerning the initial appointment, re-constructing and clinical privileges to be granted to staff working within the department

  • Recommend the appropriate number of qualified medical staff to provide care service and/or to engage in learning training and research

Qualifications Required:

  • Graduation from an accredited medical school and completion of required period of training, specialty and sub-specialty with American Board certification & membership or fellowship status in United Kingdom or Canada, or equivalent. Sub-specialty training and certification are required.

Experience Required:

  • Academic and Teaching Background/Experience is essential.  Academic Appointment in a reputable university is preferable.

  • Post training (residency and fellowship, if applicable, i.e. after board certification or equivalent); independent clinical experience should be at least (10) years.

  • Administrative Experience as Chairman/Deputy Chairman/Head of Section/Head of Medical Service or similar position should be a minimum of (5) years.

  • Research Experience and publications must be original articles in peer-reviewed journals (cited in index medicus, etc). The number of publications will depend on the specialty and the committee’s discretion  (minimum of 10 original papers).


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