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Pharmaceutical Advisor

Hamad Medical Corporation
Doha, Qatar


Educational and Professional

1. Determine for pharmacy technicians, the nature of the knowledge and skills required to satisfy a professional body that they are appropriately qualified

2. Establish competency frameworks and other methods, to measure their competencies

3. Determine the nature of the education, training and experience required for prospective pharmacy mentors

4. Establish a mentoring system for pharmacists, with particular reference to Qatari nationals.

5. Advise on the education and training to address "fitness to practice" matters.

6. Advise on the provision of providers for pharmacy education, training, experience or continual professional development.

7. Promote high standards of education and training, and the acquisition of experience within a clinical setting for pharmacy technicians.

8. Encourage and promote research and publication of abstracts and papers.


1. Participate as a member of the Corporate Pharmacy Advisory Council.

2. Advise, as requested, on new structures and roles within the Pharmacy department.

3. Work with Pharmacy Department heads to ensure training manuals in all departments are of a consistent high standard.

4. Support Regulation and Accreditation within the Pharmacy Department to improve JCI Accreditation compliance.

5. In conjunction with the Director of Pharmacy, develop long term plans for service improvement and modernization.

6. In conjunction with the Director of Pharmacy, define departmental objectives, which will deliver, and contribute to HMC's goal of becoming an internationally recognized cener for excellence in healthcare.

7. Undertake any other duties as requested and which are appropriate to the position.


Minimum: Master's degree in Clinical Pharmacy

Preferred: PhD in any health related field

Required Certification or Licensure or Registration: Valid Primary License from the country of origin if applicable AND should be eligible for license in the State of Qatar within the Supreme Council of Health


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