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Program Director - Student Academic Support Services

Khalifa University Khalifa University
Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates


Reporting to the Assistant Dean for Medical Education at Khalifa University’s College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS), the Program Director, Student Academic Support Services supports the Assistant Dean in design, implementation and evaluation of programs and services that support medical student academic success. 


  • MD and/or PhD in related field is required.
  • Qualified for faculty appointment at the rank of Assistant Professor or higher is required.
  • Prior leadership role in an undergraduate medical education program is required.
  • Demonstrable accomplishments in teaching, research, healthcare delivery, and/or service at a level commensurate of Assistant Professor or above is preferred


  • Five (5) or more years of experience over seeing advising programs for medical students
  • Strong record reflecting excellence in medical education and administration.
  • Prior experience overseeing support services in a medical degree program
  • Proven management experience, requisite expertise in working collaboratively with faculty members and medicine professionals, strong interpersonal skills, and a thorough understanding of university structure and culture are essential.
  • Demonstrable ethical behavior, professionalism, interpersonal skills, leadership and management abilities that are sufficient to effectively direct and develop staff and students.

Job Duties and Requirements

Strategic Responsibilities

  • Contribute to the formulation of the CMHS’s strategy, with a focus on meeting KU and CMHS strategic goals in the areas of medical education and medical student academic success.
  • Contribute to development of the CMHS’s policies and procedures, adhering to the overall objectives of Khalifa University, ensuring alignment to applicable regulations and standards and promoting of leading practices and educational excellence
  • Contribute to the development and management of the office budget
  • Manage and mentor staff within the office

Operational Responsibilities

Supporting CMHS educational programs:

  • In coordination with the Assistant Dean for Medical Education, designs, implements and evaluates programs to support medical student academic success.
  • Supports CMHS accreditation processes and its program of continuous quality improvement

Medical Education:

  • Oversees, manages and assesses medical student academic support services offered by the Office of Academic Affairs
  • Participates in the early identification, assessment and referral to support services of medical students with academic difficulty
  • Supervises the CMHS Learning Specialist, and assesses outcomes of services provided by the specialist to ensure quality
  • Oversees the CMHS Tutoring Program, including training of tutors, as needed, and assessment of outcomes to ensure quality
  • Coordinates functions of the Tutoring Program and the Learning Specialist with course and clerkship directors across all four academic periods
  • Participates in annual student orientations to inform students of available services
  • Prepares an annual report to the CMHS Curriculum Committee describing intended and actual program outcomes
  • Participates in developing strategic plans for academic success across all CMHS programs (e.g. MD program, Pre-Medical Bridge Program)
  • Explores and develops strategies for improving students' learning styles
  • Serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the CMHS Curriculum Committee
  • Meets with students and designs study plans to support student academic success
  • Develops and implements programs to support tutoring and learning strategies for a diverse student population
  • Develops a study program for students who are on academic probation or are repeating an academic year in coordination with the CMHS Medical Student Promotions Committee
  • Advises teachers, learners and relevant committees on common issues experienced by medical students that can impact academic success, including but not limited to study skills, test-taking strategies, adjustment to medical school, and organizational and time-management skills.
  • Collaborates with and ensures appropriate referrals to various support services within KU and the CMHS, including the Office of Student Affairs, the Student Counseling and Wellness Center, Disability Accommodation Services, and Career Guidance Services


  • Works with the Dean, Associate Deans and Khalifa University’s Office of Research Support to promote and support research activities

Administrative & People Management

  • Manages faculty and staff (direct reports) by defining job expectations; plans, monitors, and appraises faculty and staff performance; coaches, counsels and actively participates in the departmental employees’ on-boarding, mentoring and professional development.
  • Assists in scheduling and assigning staff workload for direct reports
  • Provides information or prepares reports as and when needed.


  • Ensures adherence to the University's information security policies and procedures, and reports breaches or other security risks accordingly.
  • Ensures coordination with other departments to facilitate the accomplishment of tasks and responsibilities, as and when needed.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Provides coaching, guidance and mentoring as required to enhance the internal capabilities of the team and ensures the achievement of established objectives and plans.
  • Recommends appropriate training courses as per pre-determined training needs, evaluates their effectiveness, and monitors their results.
  • Carries out performance appraisals for subordinates according to planned schedules and recommends necessary actions as per applied practices.
  • Conducts periodic meetings with subordinates to ensure that priorities are clear and workflow is running smoothly.
  • Follows-up on employees' administrative affairs such as vacations, leaves and other administrative and related affairs.


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