Radiography Manager

Radiography Manager

  • Mayo Clinic -Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC)
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Responsible for the overall management and organization of the Radiology Department and satellites. Directs, develops, implements and updates internal standards, policies, procedures and protocols. Assure quality care services, staff competencies and privileges are appropriate and maintained.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Radiology
  • Master’s in related clinical degree or in Healthcare field or management or administration field.


  • Minimum Ten (10) years of post graduate experience in an acute care hospital, (of which NLT 3 years as a Deputy/Senior Radiographer OR NLT 2 years as a Head of a Radiology Department)


  • Current and in a Good Standing License to practice in country of residence.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Providing skilled professional leadership and act as a role model for section/department employees
  • Developing and promoting clinical management services that improve patient outcomes – including responsibility for the development of clinical management policies, protocols, initiatives and guidance and implementation of statutory documents.
  • Monitor response to identified issues and facilitate resolution through the relevant organizations as required
  • Having accountability for the day to day operations of the section/department department
  • Setting up and managing a delegated budget, and being involved in the development and implementation of cost improvement schemes through service redesign, cash allocation and income generation schemes and ensure that service delivery is managed within financial and budgetary constraints.
  • Monitoring the cost of materials and to work with the procurement department in the competitive quotation/tendering process to ensure the most cost effective purchasing of stock
  • Minimizing wastage of materials by appropriate stock rotation, just in time ordering and by ensuring good laboratory technique by staff in the laboratories
  • Managing the team including setting of objectives, appraisals, training, annual leave, supervision and reflective practice
  • Ensuring that section/department staff practice in accordance with going policies and procedures as applied by SEHA and the facility
  • Being responsible for recruiting staff, inducting, training and managing staff in accordance with SEHA policies and procedures. This will also include setting a development program targeting the skills of employees
  • Conducting thorough workforce planning exercises assuring adequate and efficient staffing of the various shifts and services and effective allocation of resources throughout the department. This will also be aligned with the implementation of skill retention schemes
  • Representing the service or facility at a multi-disciplinary level or facility meeting to ensure delivery of coordinated multi-disciplinary service
  • Delegating tasks and responsibilities whenever necessary, distributing responsibility for operational management of the department, allocating and organizing the work of professional and assistant staff to meet service priorities on a daily basis
  • Working with and lead the team to provide an efficient and effective service and to be involved in the development and implementation of department policies
  • Ensuring close collaboration of the service while working with other senior teams of the facility securing best outcomes of patient care
  • Being able to balance team, patient related and professional activities in accordance with departmental requirements
  • Ensuring effective communication is maintained between staff, patients and external organizations
  • Providing advice to medical/technical staff on appropriate techniques and clinical staff on appropriate imagery interventions
  • Directing and monitoring all radiology procedures carried out and step in whenever there is a requirement to do so
  • Providing advice and respond to queries in relation to radiology management across the organization
  • Providing expert advice and leadership for the investigation for radiology-related significant events, complaints and queries. Manage complex facts or situations requiring analysis, interpretation, management of conflicting views/opinions and comparison of options.
  • Ensure systems are in place to respond in a timely and appropriate manner
  • Providing specialist advice to clinical risk management and patient safety initiatives relating to image use.
  • Identifying issues of clinical risk within the radiology management services and present relevant reports as appropriate.
  • Ensuring all incidents and areas of risk are followed up and risk issues are communicated back to prescribers and/or administrators of radiology accordingly.
Quality & Safety
  • Being conversant with the safe methods for handling and using various substances some of which can be toxic or carcinogenic
  • Being responsible for the safe and competent use of all section/department equipment and patient appliances and aids used by patients. To ensure that junior staff, senior staff and assistants attain all required competency prior to use
  • Ensuring that all equipment defects, accidents and complaints are reported immediately to ensure that appropriate action may be taken in line with facility health and safety policies
  • Ensuring internal and external quality controls are within the required parameters
  • Design regulations for effective compliance with applicable precautions for environmental safety, infection control, using a series of interventions that minimize or prevent cross infection (In conjunction with the relative departments)
  • Enforcing the strictest confidence in relation to patient information whether formally or informally recorded
  • Planning and developing policies that guide the management process of the service
  • To develop clinical audit processes within the service and report on these as agreed. Supporting the promotion of audit and research programs on service implementation, in line with national policy, statutory requirements and service requirements within the facility
  • Planning and delivering training and education sessions for department staff, doctors and nurses in the safe and secure handling of drugs and equipment, prescribing (whenever applicable), administration and treatment and management i.e. teaching, induction, peer review, case studies, and clinical presentations
  • Participating in department programs/committees, various hospital committees, and staff meetings (whenever requested)
  • Completing and maintaining all regulatory requirements including: licensure and certification and other mandatory training within established time frames
  • Ensuring appropriate internal and external sharing of information based on governing policies and procedures
  • Ensuring all members of the department receive adequate clinical supervision as required for their professional and technical development
  • Maintaining professional knowledge by attending lectures, conferences, seminars or on-line education units
  • Keeping abreast of all developments pertaining to service administration, manipulation and other specialty related matters