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Registered Respiratory Therapist

Hamad Medical Corporation
Doha, Qatar


Assess/Plan Care:

  • Participates and or leads in rounds with health care team and exchange information on patient care management between physician and Respiratory Therapist.

  • Proactively identifies and address potential crisis / risk situations in the clinical environment.

  • Assesses cardio-respiratory status including physical assessment, response to treatment, non-invasive monitoring, laboratory and radiological data.

  • Assesses appropriateness of clinical and/or technical support and treatment as related to respiratory therapy.

  • Anticipates and identifies crisis situations arising from specific illness and/or illness management.

  • Initiates in the development of the inter-professional patient care plan.

  • Initiates appropriate referrals to other members of the health care team.

  • Assists with discharge planning activities as they relate to cardio-respiratory needs.

  • Performs periodic evaluation of respiratory care assessment and plan of care for all the critical care patients with respiratory disorders in collaboration with Respiratory Therapy Team leaders

  • Maintain patient records, ethical and legislative framework that influences the practice of Respiratory Therapy


  • Provides direct, specialized comprehensive care, emphasizing health promotion and disease prevention.

  • Acts as contact person for selected patient populations.

  • Coordinates transportation of cardio-respiratory compromised patients.

  • Responds promptly and appropriately to emergency/crisis situations.

  • May perform Pulmonary Function testing

  • Early intervention of oxygen delivery and other therapeutic gases;

  • Airway management / Intubation, ventilation invasive/non-invasive;

  • Provision of airway hygiene and mucus clearance;

  • Provides expert technical support of cardio-respiratory equipment.

  • Advocates for the patient and family

  • Assisting physician in complex procedures like tracheostomy, bronchoscopy, E/T intubation, apnea-test procedures, weaning of mechanical ventilation and airway extubation

  • Arterial blood gas sampling and analyzing

  • Administration of medication e.g.: surfactants, oxygen, helium and nitric oxide etc. by inhalation or Instillation as prescribe by the attending physician

  • Assessment and treatment of respiratory associated disorder

  • Monitoring respiratory equipment


  • Ensures the respiratory therapy plan is responsive to and supportive of the individualized needs of the infant/ child/patient/family with regard to acuity of illness, necessity of technology, and goals of the inter-professional team.


  • Consults with patient/family, health care team members internal and external to HMC to provide seamless service for the child/family throughout the continuum of care.

  • Provides consultation to patients and families, HMC staff


  • Provides educational training to his / her team members, nurses, Patient families and other health care professionals.

  • May participate in departmental or program research initiatives.

  • Creatively uses teaching/learning processes to meet educational goals as health care professionals.

  • Educational intervention (i.e. Asthma, Complex Technology Dependant Care)

  • Participates in and/or develops and promotes research.

  • Engages in evidence-based practice and initiates changes to improve the quality of respiratory care.

  • Educates patients/families, students and other members of the health care team.

  • Participates in hospital/departmental/university/college learning programs as required.

Organizational Responsibilities:

  • May support data collection of key indicators

  • Preceptors and Evaluator for all the new Staff and Students.

  • Performing quality control studies, monitoring and evaluating quality indicators for his/ her assigned Division. Performing Open and close Record Review

  • Developing and Updating Policies and protocols meeting HMC and International standards

  • Performs periodic Competency evaluation of Respiratory Therapist.

  • Maintaining staff compliance for respiratory therapy documentation.

  • Participates on hospital/departmental committees as required.

  • Leads in quality resource management activities.

  • May delivers continuing education activities.

  • May participate in the identification and selection of departmental resources i.e. equipment.

  • Adheres to hospital standards, policies and procedures in all aspects of providing care.

  • Engages in reflective practice and participates in the performance management program.

  • Assists Nursing staff and other members of the health care team in times of increased census and acuity.

Qualifications/Education Required:

Minimum Education: 3 yrs Diploma from Accredited Respiratory Therapy Program.

Preferred Education: Bachelors Degree in Science or equivalent

Valid Primary License from the country of origin if applicable

Language Skills: English, Arabic preferred

Experience Required:

Minimum Experience: 3-5 years acute care, specialty, sub-specialty or other relevant experience preferred.

Preferred: 3-5 years of work experience as Respiratory Therapist.


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