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Senior Biostatistician Faculty, Balsam

Khalifa University Khalifa University
Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates


Biostatisticians use their knowledge of mathematics, science, and statistics to research critical queries in health care and public health. Together with researchers, biostatisticians collect and examine data that will provide relevant conclusions about critical medical queries. The Biostatistician will collaborate in clinical and scientific research, advise and teach biostatistics methodologies and provide a statistical consultancy.

Education / Qualification Required:

  • A (PhD) Degree in Biostatistics


  • Minimum (4) years  of experience in biostatics
  • Experience in Teaching at a level that is relevant to the position and would have made contributions to research and/or scholarship and/or teaching.
  • Demonstrable experience in building, managing, and analyzing targeted and large datasets
  • Demonstrable experience in teaching and mentorship in the discipline at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. 
  • Demonstrable ability to engage in independent research, with an established record of scholarly publication. 
  • Demonstrable success in supervision of research students. 
  • Demonstrable abilities to work effectively as a member of an interdisciplinary and collegial team, well developed interpersonal skis and the ability to provide leadership and take the initiative. 

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Design collection, analysis and interpretation of data systems included, but not limited to, multivariable analysis with dichotomous and multi-level outcome variables, longitudinal data analysis, correlated data analysis, confounding and complex interactions
  • Understand data security, management and confidentiality issues related to healthcare and human research datasets and data systems 
  • Ability to calculate samples for studies in health topics for different types of designs and outcome variables 
  • Contribute to the development, planning and implementation of a high-quality Balsam Program curriculum
  • Contribute to implement research in health and in statistical methodology
  • Ability to publish in leading international journals
  • Strong commitment to excellence in teaching, curriculum development, and outcome assessment
  • Experience in teaching statistics at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels
  • Experience in providing statistical consultancy to researchers and the business community
  • Open to cross-disciplinary cooperation in research, teaching and (program) development
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English
  • Very good interpersonal skills and team player
  • Foster service by contributing to the community at large in participatory, developmental or advisory capacity
  • Adhere to the University's information security and confidentiality policies and procedures, and report breaches or other security risks accordingly
  • Coordinate with other departments to facilitate the accomplishment of tasks and responsibilities, as and when needed
  • Perform any other tasks assigned by the Line Manager.


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