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Senior Medical Physicist

Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC) Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC)
Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates


Ensures that programs are in place to facilitate the production of high quality diagnostic images consistent with the available technology and which optimize safety for the patient. Ensures that facilities are safe for the production and use of x-rays in the clinical setting.

Education / Qualification:

  • Master's Degree in Radiation Physics or Medical Physics
  • Bachelor's Degree in Physical Science

Experience Post Qualifications:

  • Minimum Six (6) years of experience in Radiation Oncology
  • Evidence of progressive leadership and management experience in a clinical position


Valid and in a good Standing License in current country of practice

Job Duties and Responsibilities:


  • To prepare reports of work carried out in diagnostic radiology quality control and assurance, both at facility and at other hospitals in the UAE, as they may relate to the safe use of ionizing radiation within the particular hospital
  • To advise the Head of Medical Physicist on all matters of policy relating to the safe use of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation
  • In consultation with other involved personnel to prepare major equipment replacement programs with costing and specifications when requested to do so
  • To sit as a member on any committee to which the role is nominated
  • May be required to evaluate subordinate staff performance
  • Will be required to perform on call according to operational needs
  • Will be required to write policies and procedures for the department of medical physics


  • Will assist the imaging department in producing specifications for new imaging equipment with due regard to the needs of the department
  • Will assist in new facility design and radiation protection requirements
  • Will perform radiation protection surveys at all radiology facilities on an annual basis and at other times when alterations to the fabric of the building is changed. All tests to be to international standards
  • Will develop a quality management program for all diagnostic x-ray equipment at facility which will include a full survey each year of all equipment and regular monthly checks of certain specified parameters in order to maintain the highest quality diagnostic images. The management program must include databases to keep all records of measurements and reports
  • Will be responsible for all equipment used to perform quality control in diagnostic radiology and will initiate replacement for defective or damaged equipment and initiate annual or biannual calibration checks of quality control equipment as specified by the manufacturer that affect the radiological and radiobiological aspects of patient examinations
  • Will be responsible for quality control of diagnostic x-ray equipment used in the radiotherapy department and will maintain records of test carried out
  • Will determine patient reference doses for the common radiographic procedures. These will be documented and will be checked at least annually and displayed prominently in diagnostic radiology
  • Will perform acceptance tests on new imaging equipment at facility and at other Hospitals within the UAE if required to do so to assure they meet International Standards. Will coordinate this work with the manufacturer’s engineer
  • Will perform radiation safety measurements and/or calculations on new and existing diagnostic facilities at facility and at other Hospitals within the UAE if required to do so to assure they meet International Standards. Will coordinate this work with the relevant hospital or clinic
  • Will arrange quotations to be given to those private hospitals and clinics who wish to have radiation protection or acceptance tests or annual checks carried out on the hospitals diagnostic radiology equipment.. Will collect payments and deliver invoices for work carried out
  • Will be required to determine specific patient and organ doses, e.g., fetal doses.
  • In consultation with radiologists and/or radiographers to determine total radiation doses to patients from specific diagnostic examinations
  • Will develop specific quality assurance programs for the Abu Dhabi Health Authority or Ministry of Health e.g., mammography quality assurance program
  • Will review on an annual basis all policies and procedures for diagnostic radiology to ensure patient radiation safety within the department is maintained
  • Will consult with the Radiologist regarding techniques

Quality and Safety

  • Will be required to perform quality assurance surveys of diagnostic radiology equipment
  • Will be required to perform radiation protection surveys of both diagnostic and radiotherapy installations
  • Will be required to perform shielding barrier calculations for diagnostic radiology
  • May be required to assist with the monitoring of doses to personnel using  TLD systems
  • Will be required to perform QC surveys on radiotherapy diagnostic equipment including the CT scanner and the simulator
  • Will be required to perform and manage the processes involved with the film badge service and produce reports at appropriate times to the users of the service
  • Will be required to perform diagnostic QC tests on digital radiography units and digital mammography units
  • Will be required to measure patient doses for diagnostic radiology procedures


  • Provides in-service training for Radiotherapists, radiographers, technicians and nursing staff
  • May from time to time be required to lecture to Medical students and may be required to lecture on courses on radiation protection
  • Undertakes to accept for instruction University students who may be required to study in the radiotherapy department


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