Senior Nurse Cardiovascular Royal and VIP care

Senior Nurse Cardiovascular Royal and VIP care

  • Mayo Clinic -Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC)
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Responsible for the overall management and coordination of functions within a division of Nursing. The nurse administrator is responsible for assisting the Chief Nursing officer in providing professional leadership and strategic direction to the nursing services. The role holds the accountability to manage within the context of the organization as a whole, and to transform organizational values into daily operations yielding an efficient, effective, and caring organization. This includes management of designated clinical nursing practice and management of programs, systems, and services that are evidence based and support the clinical practice of nursing. Responsibilities are accomplished based on Department of Nursing’s vision, mission, and values and SSMC’s nursing professional practice model.

The nurse administrator is responsible to develop, implement, maintain, and evaluate policies, programs, and services related to assigned functions. The nurse administrator participates in assessing the environment, forecasting trends, transmitting values, communicating ideas, coaching and mentoring others, managing resources, and assuring that core values are implemented. This role is responsible for ensuring nursing/midwifery staff adheres to the Professional Code of Conduct and Scope of Practice of the regulatory body.


  • MSc in Nursing/Healthcare or management or administration field and
  • BS Degree in Nursing from North America, Western Europe, Australia, or New Zealand.
  • PhD Degree in Nursing or Health Services Management
  • International/Accreditation experience


  • Minimum Eight (8) years of clinical experience post qualification
  • Minimum Two (2) years of experience in a nurse administrator or similar roles OR Minimum Four (4) years of experience in a Unit Manager position


  • Valid and in a good Standing License in current country of practice

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintains and demonstrates current knowledge in the administration of healthcare organizations to advance Nursing practice and the provision of quality healthcare services.
    • Supports a collaborative patient care model.
    • Ensures the development of policies, guidelines, protocols, for assigned area.
    • Encourages and supports research and evidence-based practice.
  • Leadership: Demonstrates forward thinking leadership skills such as being a role model and mentor, a visionary and a planner, a big picture thinker who can enlist voluntary support of others in building a joint future.
  • Demonstrates how leadership is more related to influence than control and more to collegiality than hierarchy
  • Management: Demonstrates responsibility for the oversight of work processes and work groups including the use of analytical, financial and work-coordination skills. This may include development skills, good judgment and decision-making, financial management, problem solving, change management/agent, performance management and service orientation.
    • Ensure that performance improvement plans are in place, monitored and accomplished.
    • Ensure patient care areas have the necessary equipment, supplies, and staffing available for the delivery of safe and effective patient care.
    • In partnership with the nurse managers in the nursing division; monitor staffing levels and efficient use of material resources and assist in recruitment of nursing staff.
  • Professional Development: Seeks experience to advance one’s skills and knowledge base in areas of responsibilities including the art and science of Nursing, changes in healthcare systems, application of emerging technologies and innovative practice.
    • Creates and encourages a culture for staff to acquire new skills, identify and develop new ideas and outcomes that supports the organizational goals.
    • Encourages and supports professional development and continuing education of all staff.
  • Communication: Utilizes behaviors and skills which promote positive and professional communication within the work group and with customers.
    • Participates in committees, task force, interdisciplinary or interdepartmental may be required to chair, co-chair or lead such groups.
  • Operations: Provides specialized services that contribute to the operational success of the unit. This may include commitment to task/stamina, time management, self-starter, able to prioritize, organizing work activities, follow through/come to closure, delegate work, responsiveness, capacity and utilization forecasting, workforce planning, and performance management.
    • Participates in the implementation of standards required by the JCI Accreditation Commission and Department Of Health DOH requirements.
    • Partner with Medical Heads of Department, Administrators and non-clinical Staff regarding assigned areas maintaining an effective working relationship with the Interdisciplinary team.
  • Personal Character: Wins the respect and trust of others through personal characteristics that go beyond technical competence. This may include optimistic/positive attitude, clear boundaries, and dependability.
Management of Clinical Practice
  • Adheres to the Standards of Practice for Nursing Administration within the Department of Nursing, assigned Nursing division and administrative partnerships.
    • Collects comprehensive data pertinent to the issues, situation or trends.
    • Analyzes assessment data to determine the issues, problems, or trends.
    • Identifies expected outcomes for a plan individualized to the situation.
    • Develops a plan that prescribes evidence-based strategies and alternative(s) to attain expected outcomes.
    • Implements the identified plan: Coordinates the implementation and other association processes; employs strategies to foster health promotion, health teaching, and the profession of other educational services and resources.
    • Provides consultation to influence the identified plan, enhance the abilities of others, and effect change.
    • Evaluates progress towards attainment of outcomes.
    • Provided consultation progress towards attainment of outcomes.
  • Maintains and demonstrates contemporary knowledge in the administration of healthcare organizations to advance nursing practice and the provisions of quality healthcare and nursing services.
  • Maintains confidentiality and security of patient, family, and the organization information in accordance with the confidentiality policy.
  • Monitors the adherence of nursing practice against the Policy and Procedures of the organization.
  • Responsible for participation in the collaborative development and evaluation of care pathways/clinical guidelines.
  • Ensure that the Chief Nursing Officer receives appropriate and timely information, necessary to fulfil the organisation’s strategic and operational plans.
  • Uses information technology to access, transmit and produce information as necessary
  • Maintains confidentiality and security of patient, family, and organization information in accordance with the confidentiality policy
  • Keep records and prepare reports of nursing service activities as/when required by the organization
Performance Improvement/Risk Management
  • In partnership with the unit managers of the division; develop, maintain, and evaluate patient and staff data collection systems and processes to support the practice of professional nursing and delivery of patient care
  • Systematically evaluates the quality and effectiveness of nursing practice in their assigned services and makes corrections as needed, in discussion with the Director of Nursing/Chief Nursing Officer.
  • In conjunction with the nursing executive team, develop, implement and evaluate outcome/measures/indicators that are relevant to nursing services, including but not limited to clinical governance, information and performance management systems.
  • Takes a lead role in ensuring adherence to agreed quality standards, including the utilization of international quality measures, and benchmarks.
  • Responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring systems and strategies within the nursing department to achieve and maintain compliance with accreditation and licensing standards.
  • Takes a lead role in the organization achieving and maintaining Joint Commission International, Department of Health DOH Accreditation/Licensing standards and other certifications/accreditation pertinent to the organization
  • Collaborates with the Nursing leadership team and the SSMC Patient Experience team to develop strategies and initiatives that support Service Excellence Standards.
  • Takes a lead role in major disaster response as delegated
  • Works in conjunction with Nursing Education to identify, implement and document formalized staff orientation and professional development programs for Nurses/Midwives in the relevant areas.
  • Monitors and ensures mandatory and unit specific competencies are completed as per departmental policy.
  • Supports ongoing education and research programs within the Nursing Department and the organization.
  • Monitors that Nurses/Midwives assess patient and family education needs, plan for and provide education and evaluate outcomes
    • Provides a suitable environment that supports patient and family learning.
    • Provides systems that enable staff to access resources, internal and external, to provide patient and family with accurate information and resources to meet their health care needs.
    • Engages in health promotion activities in the organization and community.
  • Reviews and updates education and certification information on an annual basis.
    • Employee scholarly and required certification information is current (i.e., education, professional membership, committee involvement, and professional nursing certifications).
    • Maintains and updates professional portfolio.
  • Continually developing knowledge and skills to enhance professional competencies relevant to area of work.
Professional Responsibilities
  • Adheres to the Standards of Professional Performance for Nursing Administration within the Department of Nursing, their assigned Nursing division, and administrative partnerships.
    • Enhances the quality and effectiveness of nursing practice, nursing services, and administration, and the delivery of care in a systematic manner: Evaluates the practice environment and quality of nursing care rendered in relation to existing evidence, identifying opportunities for the generation, and use of research.
    • Attains knowledge and competency that reflects current practice: Uses current research findings and other evidence to enhance role performance and increase knowledge of professional issues.
    • Evaluates own nursing practice in relation to professional practice standards and guidelines, relevant statues, rules, and regulations.
    • Interacts with and contributes to the professional development of peers and colleagues.
    • Collaborates with all levels of nursing staff, interdisciplinary teams, executive leaders, and other stakeholders.
    • Integrates ethical provisions in all areas of practice
    • Integrates research findings into practice: Creates a supportive environment with sufficient resources for evidence-based practice, nursing research, scholarly inquiry, and the generation of knowledge.
    • Considers factors related to safety, effectiveness, cost, and impact on practice in the planning and delivery of nursing and other services.
    • Provides leadership in the professional practice setting and the profession.
    • Advocates for the protections and rights of individuals, families, communities, populations, healthcare providers, nursing, and other professions, and institutions, and organizations, especially related to health and safety
  • This job description is not definitive and following periodic review may be subject to change.
  • The Nurse Administrator is expected to contribute to development needs of the organization as appropriate within scope of practice.
  • The Nurse Administrator participates in Nursing and or other disciplines research that contributes to continual improvement
  • The Nurse Administrator is expected to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Health and Safety regulations of the hospital.
  • Upholds the organization customer service standards at all times