Surgery Chairperson

Surgery Chairperson

  • King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center - Madinah
  • Madinah, Saudi Arabia


Leads the department in accordance with the Hospital’s vision, mission, goals, and objectives. Responsible for the overall administrative activities of the department in addition to the clinical duties as a Consultant.

Education/Qualifications Required:

  1. Basic medical degree from recognized institution
  2. Post-qualification certification
    • Qualification Source from: North America, Western Europe, Australia or New Zealand.  
      • USA: The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS)
      • Canada: Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Certificate (RCPS-C)
      • UK and Ireland: GMC/CCST Specialist Register
      • Australia and New Zealand: Fellowship from the Royal College (FRACP)
      • Western Europe: Equivalent certification to the above

Experience Post-Qualifications:

  • Minimum Three (3) years after board/equivalent certification in USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand and France (DES).
  • Minimum Five (10) years after board/equivalent certification in Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Netherlands, Greece and France (DIS).


Current and in a Good Standing Medical License to practice in country of residence.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Clinical Responsibilities

  • Provides general supervision over the professional care in the Department of Surgery.
  • Ensures the quality of medical diagnosis and care provided to outpatients of the department.
  • Directs the Organization of the staff so as to give optimum care to all patients accepted to the department in accordance with policies and procedures of the Hospital.
  • Provides required patient care and management in the area of Surgery in accordance with policies and procedures of the Hospital.
  • Assumes responsibility for patients under his care. Liaises with various service departments and medical specializations to provide appropriate and timely medical care, in accordance with the standards of
    medical care laid down by of the Hospital.
  • Complies with all Hospital standards and policies pertaining to acceptance, eligibility, admission, processes, consultation, daily patient care, outpatient practices and patient discharge as applicable.
  • Assess patients’ diseases or conditions to determine appropriate therapeutic modalities/procedures. Initiates investigations and ensures findings are recorded.
  • Ensures appropriate patient preparation for procedures/surgery and performs procedures/surgery as indicated in the signed clinical privilege form.
  • Follows-up on investigation results for outpatients and modifies treatment accordingly as applicable.
  • Attends specialty clinics, outpatient clinics, day surgical units, day medical units, special procedures treatment areas and share on-call schedule as per requirements.
  • Performs any other clinical responsibilities related to specialty, as assigned

Academic Responsibilities 

  • Promotes Postgraduate Training Programs, Continuing Medical Education Activities, International
  • Symposia and other required educational and training courses and ensures evaluation and reporting of such activities.
  • Leads and promotes educational activities for Residents, Fellows, Assistant Consultants, Junior Staff and other members of the department.
  • Introduces and implements new advances and techniques for complex procedures in the area of specialization.
  • Hosts National and International conferences abroad as assigned. Medical Conferences in KFSH&RC and participates in similar

Research Responsibilities

  • Leads and promotes clinical basic and translational research and publication of papers in accordance with Research and Advisory Council Policy in order to advance knowledge, improve the quality of post-graduate education and contribute to the national and international recognition of the Hospital.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Develops the department’s Strategic Plan, Goals and Objectives in conformance with the overall strategic plan of Medical & Clinical Affairs. Provides quarterly reports on the progress made by the department on
    the Goals and Objectives.
  • Ensures that patient care and clinical services rendered by the department are in accordance with the appropriate quality standards. Promotes the implementation of Quality Improvement Programs in the
  • Leads the initiative in maximizing the utilization of all resources efficiently within the department and coordinates the same across the Hospital.
  • Ensures that patient care is provided in conformance with the Patients’ Bill of Rights by the department and its staff.
  • Obtains feedback from customers and interested parties and takes appropriate action as required. Uses the feedback to improve quality of patient care.
  • Acts as a leader and a role model and promotes a culture of excellence.
  • Ensures that there is adequate and uninterrupted staff coverage in the Department Manages the work distribution and leave schedules of the staff and resolves related issues to ensure efficient workflow.
  • Ensures resources are available to respond to routine, request or emergency service provision and to
    expand outputs service and facilities as needed.
  • Recommends appointment of Deputy Chairman, Section Heads and other senior staff members of the Department.
  • Conducts annual evaluation of Departmental staff in consultation with Sections Heads and makes
    recommendations to Medical and Clinical Affairs.
  • Fosters integration and collaboration with Nursing, Clinical Services, Administration, Support Services and other departments to ensure that required patient care is being provided, in accordance with standards laid down by the Hospital.
  • Establishes systems and processes for assignment, evaluation and renewal of clinical privileges for the department staff and makes recommendations on the same. Monitors adherence of staff members to assigned clinical privileges and recommends immediate modification of clinical privileges to ensure
    patient safety, whenever is necessary.
  • Enforces and monitors the adherence of all members in the department to the Medical Staff bylaws and rules and regulations and Hospital’s policies and procedures.
  • Reports, investigates and takes timely and appropriate action in response to non-conformities, complaints
    and incident reports.
  • Prepares and manages the Annual Operating Budget of the Department and Annual Capital Equipment Budget for the medical and clinical units associated with the department, in conjunction with Nursing
    Affairs and Clinical Services, wherever applicable.
  • Participate in Capital Equipment Purchase Planning, evaluation and implementation.
  • Chairs regular departmental staff meeting to review and discuss patient care policies, education,
    research, resource utilization and administrative activities. Participates as a member of Medical Advisory Council.
  • Develops policies and procedures for the department as necessary. Facilitates the development of
    Bylaws rules and regulations and Hospital policies and procedures.
  • Makes timely decision and authorizes all policies and procedures and bylaws for his department.
  • Responds to any queries and requests from the regulatory and governance bodies.
  • Abides by the current Hospital and Medical Staff Bylaws, all relevant rules and regulations and policies and keeps self-updated of any change that might occur.
  • Follows all Hospital related policies and procedures.
  • Participates in self, other’s education, training & development as applicable.
  • Performs any other related duties, as assigned.