Who is IHR

International Hospitals Recruitment (IHR) is a Canadian healthcare recruitment organization established in 1994 to provide physicians, nurses and other medical professionals from North America to Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar. At the time we had one client that was operating three hospitals. We have enjoyed a growing demand from hospitals in the region that use our services, fueled by the hospital building boom the Middle East is experiencing for private and public health facilities. Since then we have expanded and now currently provide our services recruiting for over 20 facilities scattered around Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. To satisfy this demand we also established a network of associates around the world, and cooperate with associates in New Zealand and United Kingdom.

In March 2014, IHR marked a 20 year anniversary!

Our goal is to assist healthcare providers in their quest for finding “the job” in the exotic and beautiful Middle East. Hospitals and facilities we are working with are primarily Government hospitals in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar, with most recent addition to our client's list of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. We are proud to be recruiting for some of the most prestigious hospitals in the region, where state-of-the-art technology is found. With more expansions and exciting new healthcare projects on the horizon, we anticipate many more opportunities to become available in the near future.

The Arabian adventure offers you safe and enjoyable living conditions, historical sites to visit, modern hospital facilities, warm climates and superb benefits (discussed in greater detail later) which include a tax-free income, end of contract bonus, education allowance for children, free furnished housing, free leisure facilities, free return flights, travel opportunities, free medical care, generous paid vacation and… lots of sunshine to enjoy with your family all year around.


Welcome to International Hospitals Recruitment International world of career, travel, and adventure! Whether you are a nurse or physician considering the Middle East to enhance your career prospects, gain international experience, immerse in a new culture, or for financial gains to amplify your savings, IHR can help.
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