Post Baccalaureate MD Medical School

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Full scholarship – National & Expatriate

As the first medical school in Abu Dhabi, and the first four-year MD program in the UAE, the MD Program at Khalifa University College of Medicine and Health Sciences is dedicated to graduating physicians who will improve the health of the nation. It will do this by employing innovative educational strategies that leverage its position in a world-class science and technology institution.

This is a post-baccalaureate graduate level program, comparable to USA model, requiring applicants to have earned a baccalaureate before admission. There is no limit as to the baccalaureate field of study, though best predictor for success would be Pre-Med, Health Sciences or other STEM related fields. Grade Point Average for Expatriates to be 3.5 GPA minimum, with requirement for all applicants to take MCAT prior to commencement of program, which will start August 4th, 2019. Further information may be obtained by visiting

The MD Program curriculum is fully integrated, with core sciences and clinical medicine taught in each of the four years by the best clinical and research faculty in the UAE. Clinical training takes place at affiliated clinics and hospitals throughout Abu Dhabi. Graduates will be fully prepared to enter residency training in any specialty anywhere in the world, with the ultimate goal of being able to seamlessly integrate technology into the delivery of personalized, preventative healthcare.

APPLY NOW! Deadline April 2019

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