Sheikh Khalifa Medical Center (SKMC)

General Information

The Sheikh Khalifa Medical Center (SKMC) is a modern, acute care institution that opened in late February 2000. Services are provided through an in-patient facility and a large, out-patient specialty clinic. The facility’s mandate is to provide secondary and tertiary care to the citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

SKMC is under the direction of the Office of His Excellency Sheikh Hamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan who oversees a body established by the government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to guide improvement in health services within the Emirate. In the recent past, citizens of the UAE often traveled out of country to the UK or the USA for health care. However, with the opening of SKMC, more services and complex care can be provided within the country.

Staff members are recruited internationally. A large proportion of senior staff members come from Canada and other Western nations such as the US, UK, Australia and South Africa. Other countries well represented among our staff include the Philippines, India, and a variety of Middle Eastern nations.

Hospital Location

Sheikh Khalifa Medical Center (SKMC) is ideally located in Abu Dhabi city centre, a city of 1.45 million people located on an island off the mainland in the Arabian Gulf. Abu Dhabi is a major metropolis, denoted by the skyline’s modern towers and shopping mega-centres.

Departments & Services

  • Anesthesiology
  • Clinical Imaging
  • Critical Care
  • Critical Care – Adult Cardiac
  • Critical Care – Pediatrics
  • Critical Care – Pediatric Cardiac
  • Dentistry
  • Dermatology
  • Laboratory Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
The Sheikh Khalifa Medical Center

Employment Information

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  • SKMC operated to North American Standards, and within two years of opening was awarded full accreditation by Accreditation Canada.
  • SKMC was the first hospital in the Middle East, and the second hospital outside Canada, to be awarded accreditation by Accreditation Canada., the largest mental care facility that provides adults and paediatrics services 
  • SKMC is the largest teaching medical center in Abu Dhabi.
  • SKMC has the largest Pediatric Critical Care Unit and the largest Pediatric Emergency Department in the UAE.
  • Accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI)
  • Working hours varies per department (average) 40 hours per week.
  • 5 days a week / The number of hours in a shift vary somewhat from department to department but generally do not exceed 10 hours
  • United Arab Emirates now enjoys a Monday to Friday work week, with Saturday and Sunday its official weekend.
  • Usually, the hospital will provide candidates a white outfit, but they are permitted to wear colorful shirts 
  • The trousers should always be white. 
  • Candidates need to bring their own shoes for work. They need to be light colored but not necessarily white.
  • Employees on a single status contract will be in shared accommodations with other SKMC employees of the same sex.
  • All SKMC housing is furnished with essential articles.
  • When candidate arrive, a “Welcome pack” with a few essential items (e.g., toilet paper, tea, juice, fruit, etc.) There are nearby stores.
  • The list below provides a brief description of the furniture, appliances, and equipment in the SKMC apartments: television, cutlery, refrigerator, dishes, gas stove, pots & pans, washer & dryer, kettle, sofa, chairs, toaster
  • Housing is located in the nearby Corniche Towers, the Al Amri Building & the Defense Road Building
  • The hospital itself is a sprawling medical center arranged around lobbies, cafes, courtyards, hanging gardens, and retail facilities
  • Located in Abu Dhabi with access to many restaurants, cafes, shopping (Al Wahda Mall), hotels, sports facilities (Al Nahyan Stadium), supermarkets, spas, indoor& outdoor recreation (zoos, amusement parks, sports facilities, etc) & other services 
  • Hospital conveniently located near a bus terminal 
  • Contract 2 years and renewable
  • Tax Fee Income
  • Married Status Contracts
  • Benefits Allowance to cover children schooling and other expenses
  • Airfare Ticket Business Class at beginning and end of contract for self and family
  • Housing allowance
  • Furniture Allowance (once)
  • Health Insurance
  • Vacation 32 working days / year
  • End of service award, one month base salary pay for each year completed (collected upon end of contract with facility)

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