National Reference Laboratory – Abu Dhabi​

National Reference Laboratory - Abu Dhabi​

General Information

The National Reference Laboratory (NRL), a Mubadala Health partner, enhances lab testing quality and efficiency in the UAE and GCC. NRL, established in 2010, operates 10 advanced facilities, offering top-tier diagnostic services to Mubadala Health and over 250 clients. It conducts 98% of tests locally, ensuring faster results and cost savings. NRL includes seven Centers of Excellence (CoEs) with specialized experts, connecting referring physicians with in-country expertise. Its team comprises 20+ accredited pathologists and 200+ lab scientists.

Hospital Location

NRL is located in Abu Dhabi. Along the shores of the Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. With a rapidly evolving skyline and a thriving urban area contributing to 2.9 million population. Home to the world’s third-largest sovereign wealth fund, Abu Dhabi’s economy is a testament to its global impact. Beyond its financial clout, the city is a cultural gem, balancing tradition, and modernity with a vibrant community. As a developed metropolis and the epicenter of industry, and commerce, Abu Dhabi offers a unique lifestyle, combining professional success with an enriching experience in the heart of the UAE.

Employment Information

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  • Under the Mubdala Health’s umbrella
  • Leader in quality with 23 international accreditations and one of the largest CAP-accredited laboratory networks in the region.
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  • Usually, the hospital will provide candidates a white outfit, but they are permitted to wear colorful shirts 
  • The trousers should always be white. 
  • Candidates need to bring their own shoes for work. They need to be light colored but not necessarily white.
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  • Tax Fee Income
  • Medical insurance for self-spouse and children under and relocation allowance of up to 35k (if hired outside country)
  • Air tickets for self and family for moving in with temporary accommodation in a hotel apartment for 30 days when joining

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