Medical Jobs in Qatar

Why not consider Qatar for a medical job opportunity?

Medical Jobs in QatarThe time really could not be better if you looking around for medical jobs in Qatar. The world’s richest country is investing heavily in its healthcare system, and is looking to recruit medical and nursing staff from overseas.

Qatar is a welcoming, affluent country, that offers expats an exciting way of life with its host of world class facilities. Over the last few years this Gulf state country has been investing to create a healthcare system to match any other from across the globe. For example, the new Sidra Medical and Research Center which opens this year, was backed through an $8 billion endowment from the Qatar Foundation.

Naturally, any medical jobs in Qatar are well sought after because of the generous remuneration and benefits that they offer. English speaking applicants are of course well sought after, as this is the language commonly used within healthcare establishments across the country. The working week required for most medical jobs in Qatar is from Sunday to Thursday, leaving you with Friday and Saturday to enjoy what this fabulous country has to offer.

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