Nursing in USA

General Information

Leveraging over 29 Years of Global Recruitment Expertise to Serve the USA.

With an extensive background in recruiting medical professionals for the Arabian Gulf Region, we are excited to extend our exceptional services to bring nurses to the USA. Our team at IHR is comprised of dedicated and experienced individuals who possess a wealth of knowledge in international recruitment. We are proud to collaborate with one of the best programs in the industry to ensure that nurses receive the highest level of professionalism, culture, and dedication in their journey to work in the USA. Join us and experience our unwavering commitment to serving you with excellence.

Facilities Locations

We are working with hospitals and health system throughout the USA. We will discuss your preferred location and try to match you with your requirements. 

What To Expect

A super recruitment service to guarantee a smooth transition throughout the process! Join us and be part of our story. 

Program Information

Are you considering working in the USA? Check out our Program , read details under each topic below


At no cost to you, your American Dream can start with us and become a reality. We are offering an innovative, equitable and sustainable placement solution to U.S. hospitals looking for world-class healthcare talent. We’re your trusted partner every step of the way to help you achieve your American Dream! Our Services to you include: Facilitating Access to resources to help you pass the NCLEX exam to obtain your U.S. nursing license. We will oversee the entire immigration process to file for Green Care (EB-3 Visa) for yourself and your family. This is a collaborative job placement in an American Healthcare facility that meets your personal and professional requirements.

Our Program includes:


Our unique approach to matching healthcare professionals with our clients results in long-term mutually beneficial relationships. Our guarantees include:

  • Salary to be determine by hospital location and clinical experiences.
  • Benefits matching those offered to all other nursing staff.
  • Full-time position with a fixed work location
  • Qualified dependent(s)/family are always welcome.
  • Career development opportunities
  • Training Programs and in-service offerings
  • 3 years minimum commitment


From start to finish we have you covered. The timeline from the point of signing your placement agreement can vary depending on multiple factors, but the outline below gives a general idea of what your journey will entail.

  • Preparation for NCLEX and English Proficiency Test
  • Resume Review & Introduction video
  • Job placement matching
  • Immigration Processing
  • Arrival to the U.S.


Beyond enjoying the benefits that your job has to offer; other realities of the American Dream are attainable! Our 360 degree support guides you through:

  • Securing Housing·
  • Obtaining a Driver’s License & Purchasing a Car
  • Assimilation Orientation
  • State License Endorsement
  • Financial support is applicable in the forms of reimbursement.
  • We’ll receive your application
  • Schedule time for a confidential and informal chat to learn more about your personal and professional requirements
  • Collect your documents (Degree, License, References)
  • Arrange interview with potential employer
  • Extend Job offer
  • Start Licensing and NCLEX exam (for those accept offer)
  • Start Immigration Process for those holding and NCLEX passers ,Green Card (EB-3 Visa)
  • Start Mobilization process (once Visa Approved)
  • Arrive in the USA

VERY attractive Benefits Package that includes:

A) Provided while still in your home country:

  1. Resume preparation format provided and video instructions for US Hospital Submission.
  2. Guidance to prepare for English Language Exam, Visa Screen and NCLEX.
  3. Guidance and payment (1) of each: English Language Exam, Visa Screen and NCLEX
  4. Clinical and Personality match to client acuity and locations.
  5. Guiding thru document compiling for immigrant processing.
  6. Paying for the immigration -filing fee for the employee and (family) when necessary.
  7. Paying the Attorney Cost.
  8. Pay for NVC fee for employee.
  9. Guidance to obtain the International Driver’s License.
  10. AutoSource to purchase a new vehicle including a rental car, option upon arrival.
  11. Assimilation Orientation.
  12. Embassy Appointment Preparation.
  13. One way flight to the US – Employer Location.
  14. Welcome Letter/ guidance for arrival with day-by-day items to accomplish after arrival including area information on schools, churches and shopping.
  15. Introduce to a buddy when possible.
  16. Apartment paid 30 days any deposits upfronted; if reimbursed to the employee they will need to be repaid.


B) Provided after your arrival to the employer Hospital Facility location:

  1. Hotel Accommodation if needed, should your apartment complex have any delays.
  2. Introduce a buddy, this could happen prior to arrival via zoom/skype as well. Then after arrival to help the transition process and help welcome you to the area.
  3. Guidance to open your bank account, obtain a US cell phone number, apply for Social Security # and picking up your rental car
  4. $1000 arrival bonus – to be deposited in your account when the bank account is open. This can be used for any personal needs after arrival. You      can also choose to utilize some or all the bonus for furniture prior to arrival.
  5. Guidance and payment of processing the final state license endorsement after arrival to the USA. Many States require SSN to complete.

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