Respiratory Therapist Benefits Package


1. Contract is for 1 or 2 years (vary by hospital) and usually renewable upon both parties agreement

2. Working week is 44 to 48 hours (most hospitals offer overtime at a time and a half rate if worked extra hours)

3. Most positions are offered on a “Single Status” Contract (unaccompanied)

4. Free furnished housing, including utilities (but not telephone)

5. Free transportation from accommodation to a place of work and back as well as scheduled shopping trips

6. An airline ticket to join new position at beginning of contract and a repatriation ticket to return home at the end

7. One round trip airline ticket to return home for annual vacation (some hospitals offer a ticket every six months)

8. Free Medical coverage at the hospital’s facility

9. Forty (40) to fifty four (54) calendar days annual paid vacation (vary by hospital).

10. Most hospitals also offer a seven (7) days emergency leave (for a family emergency matter)

11. Uniforms provided.

12. Sign-on bonus offered by some of the hospitals, in addition to a specialty bonus, where applicable

13. End of Service Indemnity: two (2) week pay for each year of service completed

14. End of Contract Bonus (None or Four (4) week pay) for each year of service completed (vary by hospital)

15. Contract Renewal Bonus (None or Four (4) week pay) for each year of service completed (vary by hospital)

16. Monthly Salary** vary by hospital and position: Respiratory Therapist* US $4,000 to US $5,300 Chief Respiratory Therapy US $5,500 to US $8,000 Salary in the Middle East is paid in local currency and is Tax Free (salary quoted in contract is what you take home). This income in most countries is Tax Exempted completely and in some countries it is partially exempted (please try to contact relevant Tax Authority in your country to find out more). Or, feel free to get in touch for general guidelines and clarification.

17. To help you compare the financial benefits, kindly see an example below:

Expenses (Average Annual)USA/Canada           Middle East
Housing ($1250/month x12)$15,000$00.00
Utilities ($100 /month x12)$1,200$00.00
Medical Expenses$1,800$00.00
Taxes (25%)$15,000$00.00
Sub Total (Expense)$35,000 $5,200/strong>
Package average savings$56,800$85,914+ More Quality Time
Income less expenses$25,000$60,125
Other Expenses (10% of income)$6,000$5,580
Package value$19,000.00$54,545.00
Actual Take Home Money (Income package minus annual airfares)$19,000 Home$52,545.00 Middle East

** Kindly note that the salaries quoted here are merely guidelines. The salary would depend on the hospital, your educational qualifications, the type of experience you have and if your specialty / sub-specialty is in high demand.