King Abdullah International Medical Research Center - Riyadh

General Information

The King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC) in Riyadh possesses a high-quality scientific atmosphere consisting of first-class enabling technology research platforms and laboratories. These ground-breaking laboratories include Animal Laboratories & Testing Rooms, DNA & Stem Cell Cord Banks, and Radiology rooms. (KAIMRC) will continue to be a leading international health science research institution that administers and executes biomedical research programs in order to understand and solve complex medical health issues.

 KAIMRC’s R&D building has an area of 35,000 squares meters, split over five floors. The incubator space is an area of about 5,000 square meters, that includes laboratory and office space with access to multiple shared common services, including business development, manufacturing, commercialization, an other administrative support functions.

KAIMRC was established in November 2006, under the umbrella of the Ministry of National Guard – Health Affairs (MNGHA) to develop, support and disseminate scientific research in Saudi Arabia.

Hospital Location

It is located inside King Abdullah International Medical Research Center’s state of the art R&D building in Riyadh, a walking distance from King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences (KSAU-HS) in the heart of King Abdulaziz Medical City near multiples hospitals and medical centres.

Located in the city centre of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia with a population of over 7.6 million. Located in central Najd Province; it is the host city to all foreign Embassies.

Departments & Services

  • Saudi Biobank
  • Experimental Medicine
  • Medical Genomics Research
  • Medical Research Core Facilities & Platforms
  • Developmental Medicine
  • Population Health Research
  • Trauma Research Program
  • Infectious Disease Research
  • Vaccine Development Unit
  • Cellular Therapy and Cancer Research
  • Cord Blood Bank
  • Saudi Stem Cells Donor Registry
  • Nanomedicine
  • Immunology Research Program
  • Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

Employment Information

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  • All SANG Hospital facilities are JCIA accredited
  • Selected by WHO to be a World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Infection Prevention and Control
  • Performed the first Berlin LVAD mechanical heart implantation by King Abdulaziz Cardiac Center. The first implant procedure using this device at MNGHA and in the entire Middle East.
  • The standard work week at National Guard is 42.5 hours per week. 
  • 5 Days per week / The number of hours in a shift vary somewhat from department to department but generally do not exceed 10 hours
  • The standard work week in Saudi Arabia is Sunday through Thursday
  • Uniforms are provided on arrival. 
  • Uniforms consist of white trousers and tunic top for females, and white trousers and a jacket for males. 
  • Duty shoes are not provided and should be purchased by the employee.
  • Free housing accommodation is provided
  • Known for its spacious and high-quality housing, employees at KFH (and their dependents if applicable) will be assigned to one of two housing projects: Medical City or Medical City Extension. Both housing projects have comparable facilities and are but a few minutes from the hospital 
  • Housing accommodation is situated in a compound inside the hospital premises.
  • It consists of duplex villas and building apartments with 2-4 bedrooms. 
  • All units are fully furnished for the employees’ convenience 
  • Utilities such as electricity, water and gas cooking are free and paid-provided by NG for all employees. ¸Cable TV is also provided. 
  • Taxi / Limousine services are provided at fixed rates.
  • Employee accommodations are adjacent to the hospital and are equipped with excellent recreational facilities, including an Olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis courts, gymnasium, and weight rooms. The compound is fully secured with 24 hours security by the military personnel.
  • Restaurants, Cafes, supermarkets, shopping malls libraries, hairdressing salons & services are all readily accessible*
  • There are a wide range of restaurants in the cities; serving traditional Lebanese, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, etc (including popular Western fare eg McDonalds and Starbucks)*
  • Organized camping trips to local scenic areas and places of interest take place at regular intervals and it is possible to join others from the hospital on short trips to neighbouring countries such as Egypt, Yemen and Jordan*
  • For children of eligible staff there is childcare for pre-school infants as well as a primary school providing a British based education system*
  • There are a wide range of activities available for the athletic, adventurous or nature lover.
  • Contracts start with a one (1) year period and renewable thereafter annually by both party agreement
  • Tax Free Income
  • Forty-Five (45) calendar days per service year paid vacation
  • Medical Insurance coverage for all self and family (when offered Married Status Contract)
  • Mobilization ticket for self and family (when offered Married Status Contract). Economy class tickets
  • Ticket to return to point of hire at the end of your contract – Economy class
  • Annual ticket to point of hire (can use to other destinations) for self and family (when offered Married Status Contract), Economy Class
  • Suitable housing provided, depending on position, married status, availability and etc, or housing allowance in lieu. 
  • Transportation to hospital site when living at hospital’s provided accommodation, or transportation allowance in lieu when living out of hospital’s accommodation.
  • One month pay bonus when renewing contract.
  • End of service indemnity (as per country labor laws). Two weeks pay for each year completed in first 5 years of service with this hospital, then one month pay for each year served. To be collected when agreement terminated with the hospital 
  • Continues Medical Education for Physicians. Seven (7) Days every year to attend events (not taken out of vacation time) in addition to payment certain amount of money to assist cover events cost and tickets
  • Children’s education allowance (when offered Married Status Contract) to assist in offsetting cost for children’s schooling. It’s a set amount for up to 3 children (depending on grade) age between 5 to 18 years old, when living with parents in the country.
  • Contracts offered on Married Status for Physicians (can bring long spouse and up to 3 children under the age of 18 years). 
  • Contracts offered on Single Status for Nurses (can not bring along any family member)

Contracts offered on Single Status or Married Status for Allied Health staff, depending on grade

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