Physicians - UAE

Available Opportunities

Discover the marvels of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a fascinating nation situated in the southeastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula. Encompassing a total area of approximately 83,600 km², this federation of seven emirates boasts a strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Known for its rapid development and modern infrastructure, the UAE harmoniously blends its rich cultural heritage with cutting-edge innovation, creating a unique and dynamic environment.

Thriving Healthcare System

The healthcare sector in the UAE is experiencing remarkable growth, presenting excellent and challenging opportunities for providers. The Ministry of Health and Prevention, along with the Health Authorities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, are key players in managing and regulating the country’s healthcare services. The public sector accounts for around 70% of the healthcare facilities, while the private sector complements with approximately 30%.

The UAE government is committed to advancing its healthcare system through substantial investments in new projects and upgrading existing facilities. This dedication ensures that healthcare services are accessible at all levels of care—primary, secondary, and tertiary. The country is home to several world-class hospitals renowned for their specialties in referrals, teaching, and research, including Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, and Dubai Health Authority hospitals.

Explore the limitless possibilities and vibrant healthcare landscape in the UAE, where tradition meets modernity in a continuous journey toward excellence.