Congratulations on taking the first step towards your overseas career by preparing your comprehensive CV. Now, it’s time to dive into the next crucial phase: preparing your paperwork and conducting thorough research for overseas jobs.

Start by ensuring you have high-quality scanned copies of all your important documents using a flatbed scanner. Hospitals and recruiters will often request these, so having clear and presentable copies is essential.

Next, embark on an online exploration. Begin researching hospitals in your desired region and identify the recruitment agencies involved in your country of destination. Connect with colleagues who have worked in the Middle East or have contacts there. Reach out to acquaintances who have experience working overseas. Dedicate time to gathering information and immersing yourself in articles about working in the Middle East.

Once you feel well-informed, it’s time to engage with recruitment agencies. Initiate conversations via phone, email, or even arrange in-person meetings. Aim to communicate with as many people as possible to widen your network and gain insights. Share your CV with those agencies that instill confidence and align with your professional goals. Remember, entrusting your career, livelihood, and family’s future requires placing your faith in reputable and established individuals.

Through diligent research, you can expect to find answers to key questions. Gain an understanding of the estimated timeframe for the entire process, the required paperwork, salary scales, benefits packages, preferred hospitals and facilities,  job requirements, and more. While specific job details may not be disclosed until you interview with the Chairperson or Head of Department, your research will lay a solid foundation for the journey ahead.

As you embark on this research endeavor, keep in mind the initial paperwork you need to prepare, including copies of your basic degree, post-qualifications, license/professional registration, and passport. Depending on the country and position, the overall process may take between 3-6 months after securing a job. To get an idea of expected salary and benefits, refer to the provided link. For job requirements, visit the suggested resource.

Remember, research is the key that unlocks a world of possibilities. Invest your time and effort wisely, and soon you’ll be well-equipped to make informed decisions and embrace an exciting new chapter in your career journey