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Video interviews have been gaining momentum and taking over face-to-face interviews specifically with recruitment of international workforce. Resorting to video interviews has been triggered by the rise and widespread use of different video call apps and by the interest of recruiters in cutting off time and travel related costs.

Although video interviews might feel less overwhelming and easier to conduct given the absence of direct face-to-face interaction, the latter might make it more challenging for applicants to use body language to impress interviewers. Following the moto “don’t take the interview lightly” is paramount to have a successful video interview and hence ensure leaving an impression. It is very important that you perceive a video interview as serious as a face-to-face interview. This is not just about mental preparation; however, extends to involve several steps you might want to consider and undertake for a video job interview.

Here is a glimpse of important tips to consider prior to and during a video job interview:

  • Make sure to configure the timing of your interview according to your country time zone. Check the time difference between your country and the interviewer’s country time ahead of time to avoid any surprises.
  • Select a proper place to conduct the interview. Make sure to choose a place that is quiet, has adequate lighting and good internet connection.
  • Use a PC instead of a mobile phone to conduct the interview. Mobile phones are not highly recommended for job video interviews due to the need for carrying the phone and setting it at the same level all the time.
  • Have the designated video app ready installed and logged in on your PC. If you rarely use the designated video app, ensure logging into the app a day before the interview to avoid any login failures at the time of the interview.
  • Test your internet connection at the place you will have the interview at via your PC one day prior to your interview date and few hours prior to your interview time. This will allow time for you to detect and rectify any internet connection failures. Make sure you have plan B for internet failures such as having the video app installed on your mobile phone with an access to 3G/4G in case of unexpected internet interruptions.
  • Test your camera and microphone functionality and the position at which you need to place the camera at. Sit and set the camera at an angle where you are appropriately visible to the interviewer. Don’t place the camera too close to your face. Your face and upper body has to show during the interview.
  • Again,” do not take the interview lightly” for the mere fact that it is not a face-to face interview. Make sure to mentally prepare answers to possible questions you might be asked. Write down important ideas/questions you would like to share or discuss during the interview.
  • Dress professionally, as if you are going to an actual face-to-face interview. This reflects that you are professional and serious about the interview in specific and your work in general.
  • Speak clearly and in a persuasive manner and tone. During video interviews, it is more difficult to convey your attitude and interest via your body language, hence make sure to convey this by speaking slowly and clearly, assertively and in an enthusiastic voice tone.
  • Avoid writing down your answers ahead of time and reading them word by word.
  • Ask for the interviewer to repeat a question, in case you could not hear it properly. Sometimes the sound is not very clear and you might miss hearing parts of a question.
  • Avoid googling questions that you do not have answers to even if you think that this might go unnoticed. There is always a chance for the interviewer to notice this through subtle changes such as keyboard typing sounds or stuttering and then suddenly coming up with an answer.

Written by: Farah Demachkieh


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