Executive Director Nursing Affairs

Executive Director Nursing Affairs

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A unique executive vacancy for a Executive Director Nursing Affairs at one of the most prestigious Health systems in one of the GCC Countries (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait).  In this role you will be responsible for leadership and strategic direction of Nursing Affairs at this health system in accordance with the American Nurses Association and Nursing Administration Scope & Standards of Practice. He/she will be a member of the Hospital’s Executive Team and will work in collaboration with Chief Executive Officer. It is challenging opportunity to leave your mark in the life of community this health system serves


  • PhD or Master’s Degree in Nursing, Hospital Administration, or other related discipline is required after having obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.


  • When Holding a PhD, a  Minimum of Eleven (11) years of related experience
  • When Holding a Master’s Degree then a Minimum of Fourteen (14) years related experience
  • When Holding a Bachelor’s Degree then, a  Minimum of Sixteen (16) years out-of-which six (6) years at a higher consulting and/or managerial position in a large
    complex hospital or healthcare institution is required.


  • Current and in good Standing Nursing License/Registration (RN) to practice in country of residence

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the operation of this Health System’s Nursing Affairs group, including strategic planning, day-to-day operations, clinical and distribution services, financial management, and personnel management.
  • Prepares Policies and Procedures manual of the Nursing Affairs and revises as necessary.
  • Liaises with nursing staff at all levels to ensure effective communication and motivation of staff across the Nursing Affairs, as well as, provides counsel and guidance to nursing staff as required; delegates responsibilities to the nursing management team for the day-to-day use of resources.
  • Ensures development of caliber that facilitates a continuous improvement paradigm to achieve professional practice and goals within Nursing Affairs.
  • Supports the professional development of nurses throughout this Health System and ensures the proper planning for training based on the identified needs across Nursing Affairs, in coordination with the concerned entities.
  • Collaborates with the medical leadership, other Health System departments and staff to promote the most effective and efficient patient/family care within the available nursing resources from outpatient visit to admission through discharge.
  • Plans operational and capital budgeting in collaboration with medical and financial colleagues. Accountable for the Nursing Affair’s budget and the delegation of responsibilities to the nursing management team for the day-to-day use of resources. Monitors budgetary activity for Nursing Affairs as a whole and ensures a balance between quality nursing care and budget requirements is maintained.
  • Ensures continuous performance improvement across Nursing Affairs and supports the development of multidisciplinary collaborative practice that improves the quality, appropriateness, and efficiency of patient care across this Health System.
  • Fosters a partnership approach to amalgamation. Gains from scale and scope of knowledge skills and resources.
  • Establishes and monitors policies and procedures that support high standards of nursing practice that are in keeping with the overall Health System policy and those required by external regulators and accreditors.
  • Ensures the retention of high quality nursing staff, and the recruitment of well-qualified and experienced staff.
  • Ensures the expansion of management information systems across the Nursing Affairs in keeping with the Health System’s strategic plan.
  • Ensures quality nursing educational programs, clinical experiences, and research across the Nursing Affairs.
  • Participates in the promotion and maintenance of effective communication and teamwork. Treats colleagues, patients, and visitors with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Upholds this Health System values at all times.
  • Participates in Health System-wide Performance Improvement activities.
  • Participates in self and other’s education, training and development, as applicable.
  • Follows all Health System related policies and procedures.