Healthcare Jobs in the Middle East

Pathology Consultant – Hematopath

Pathology Consultant – Hematopath

  • King Abdulaziz Medical City - Riyadh
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Responsible to diagnose diseases of the blood cells, lymph nodes and bone marrow. Using specialized tests such as flow cytometry studies and immunohistochemistry.

Education/Qualifications Required:

  1. Basic medical degree from recognized institution
  2. Post-qualification certification
    • Qualification Source from: North America, Western Europe, Australia or New Zealand
      • USA: The American Board of Pathology (AP)/Clinical Pathology (ACP) and Hematopathology Sub-Specialization
      • Canada: Royal college of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (specialist in Hematological Pathology)
      • UK and Ireland: GMC/CCST Specialist Register/Hematopathology
      • Australia and New Zealand: Fellowship from the Royal Australia and New Zealand Colleges
      • Western Europe: Equivalent certification to the above

Experience Post Qualifications

  • Minimum (5) five years of experience post board certification in country of origin/country of practice
  • Strong experience in examination and sign out of hematopathology cases in the areas of bone marrow/bone marrow pathology, peripheral blood smear and body fluids, red blood cell disorders and hemoglobin electrophoresis and routine and special coagulation
  • Strong experience in flow cytometry (analysis, interpretation and reporting)
  • Administrative experience with active role in laboratory accreditation and Quality Assurance
  • Teaching and research experience
  • Provision of on-call services as designated in department schedule


Current and in a Good Standing Medical License to practice in country of residence.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Adheres to policies, guidelines, plans and programs of King Abdulaziz Medical City
  • Performs all duties assigned to a consultant physician
  • Assumes direct responsibility for the patients under his/her medical attendance in the assigned unit
  • Conducts rounds and undertakes supervision of treatment of the inpatients as well as screening and examination of the outpatients
  • Undertakes supervisory responsibility for the medical staff within the unit and prepares regular reports on the activities of the unit for the department head/chairman
  • Participates in the various committees for the upgrading of services and organization of work within and outside the hospital
  • Participates in the planning and implementation of the department development plans and the different manpower training programs for the medical, technical and nursing staff
  • Participates in the planning and follow up of the medical education and research activities
  • Performs all relevant interventions related to his/her field of specialization
  • Participates in health education programs through orientation and scientific presentations
  • Participates in scheduling of on-call duties and provides on-call services
  • Participates in the assessment and updating of drug, medical supply and equipment needs
  • Writes, completes and approves medical records and reports for patients
  • Provides guidance and counsel to other departments when requested
  • Completes and maintains his set of clinical privileges
  • Complies with Re-validation guidelines and standards
  • Acquires SCH License to practice and maintains it while working for KAMC
  • Performs other duties as assigned/directed by the chairperson/head of the department and approved by the Medical Director
  • Ensure self and member of the Investigation Team are properly trained
  • Compiles with the policies systems and processes in place that governs research
  • Ensure patients are aware of their rights and responsibilities and access to research