Healthcare Jobs in the Middle East

Critical Care Consultant

Critical Care Consultant

  • King Salman Specialized Hospital - Taif
  • Taif, Saudi Arabia


Responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of medical diseases and conditions, as well as the provision of medical care in the field of Critical Care in accordance with the current medical staff bylaws, rules and regulations and the Organization policies and procedures in Saudi Arabia

Education / Qualification Required:

  1. Basic medical degree from recognized institution
  2. Post-qualification certification
    • Qualification Source from: North America, Western Europe, Australia or New Zealand.  
      • USA: The American Board of Medical Specialties  (ABIM – Critical Care)
      • Canada: Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Certificate  (FRCPS or CCFP-Critical Care  )
      • UK and Ireland: GMC/CCST Specialist Register – Critical Care
      • Australia and New Zealand: Fellowship from the Royal College – Critical Care (FRACP)
      • Western Europe: Equivalent certification to the above

Experience Post-Qualifications:

  • Minimum Three (3) years after board / equivalence certification in USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand and France (DES).
  • Minimum Five (5) years after board / equivalence certification in Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Netherlands, Greece and France (DIS).


  • Current and in a Good Standing Medical License to practice in country of residence.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To provide high standard patient care in accordance with the MNGHA mission, vision and values Division of Critical Care within the Department of Medicine.
  • To provide inpatient care for the Critical Care  patients admitted to the hospital either as the MRP or as the covering physician during rest hours, weekends, holidays or vacations of the patient’s MRP, and to be responsible when on call, accepting the inconvenience associated with the patient needs.
  • To provide care to the Critical Care  patients in the ambulatory care facility. The duration and frequency of this service is dictated by the needs and the regulations of the organization, the Department of Medicine and the
    Division of Mental Health.
  • To provide consultation services to other divisions within the Department of Medicine and other departments within the organization during the regular working and the on call hours.
  • To perform diagnostic and/or therapeutic interventions and procedures for which he/she has been granted specific privileges based on his/her training, qualification, experience and skills.
  • To participate in on call coverage in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Division of Mental Health and the Department of Medicine.
  • To actively participate in the Quality improvement program of the Division of Mental Health and the
    Department of Medicine.
  • To provide close supervision of the clinical performance of subordinates and to provide them with a role model especially those in training in Critical Care 
  • To serve in divisional, departmental and organizational committees as appointed by the Mental Health Division
    Head, Chairman, Department of Medicine or the Executive Management of the organization,
    To participate in scientific research, contribute into the department educational activities and postgraduate training programs.
  • To adhere to all rules and regulations of the Division of Mental Health, Department of Medicine and organization. Consultants are expected to familiarize themselves and comply with all the APPS and ‘PPS.
  • To perform other relevant duties and charges as directed by the Division Head or the Chairman of the Department.
    To comply with all the professional and ethical standards and express adherence to the Medical Staff By Laws of the organization.
  • To show the expected respect, at all times, to patients, their families, colleagues, subordinates and all other members of the healthcare team.
  • To be culturally competent and religious sensitive in his/her clinical duties.