Nurse Specialist – Nursing Administration

Nurse Specialist – Nursing Administration

  • King Abdulaziz Medical City - Riyadh
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Facilitates continuity of established nursing practice/comprehensive nursing care delivery. Supports and upholds objectives of Nursing and Hospital Administration and positively promotes Nursing Affairs (NA) across organization.

Education / Qualification Required:

  • Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing is required.

Experience Post Post-Qualifications:

  • Four (4) years of nursing experience
  • Two (2) years in a leadership position with Master’s Degree
  • OR Six (6) years of experience with Bachelor’s Degree


  • Current and in Good Standing Nursing License/Registration (RN) to practice in country of residence

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Clinical Practice

  • Demonstrates advanced nursing knowledge and clinical competence in the area of assignment
  • Acts in collaboration with the medical staff, within the remit of the RN license, to provide advanced nursing care, including nurse led clinics
  • Facilitates competence in nursing practice in area of expertise
  • Acts as a consultant and resource person for current evidence-based nursing practice information in area of specialty
  • Demonstrates excellent communication skills with patients, their families and all members of the healthcare team
  • Function as a patient advocate


  • Maintains documentation and record keeping that verifies activities according to department guidelines
  • Maintains correct lines of authority and communication
  • Utilizes material resources and facilitates and communication
  • Utilizes material resources and facilitates effectively
  • Maintains confidentially of all records and results
  • Maintains records and reports related to area of assigned

Education & Research

  • Participate in teaching and mentoring of Nursing, Medical and Paramedical students, interns and Residents in area of specialty
  • Participates in research activities and ensures dissemination of relevant research and best practice guidelines Acts as a consultant and resource person within area of expertise
  • Provides evidence – based adult education for nursing services staff, nursing students, Interns and Residents in area of specialty


  • Participates in the evaluation of systems and programmes to maximize patient outcomes and cost effectiveness in area of specialty
  • Makes recommendations for changes based one evidence based practice and best practice guidelines
  • Undertakes clinical audit and contributes to the development of knowledge and practice within the specialty
  • Complies with the participates in Quality improvement processes and activities
  • Complies with hospital infection control and safety protocols


  • Serves as a professional role model, consultant and teacher
  • Develops and utilizes professional collegial networking
  • Demonstrates repost, compassion and cultural sensitivity to patients/families other hospital employees, students and faculty
  • Advocates for excellence in patient care and patient rights
  • Demonstrates effective communication and collaboration skills when interacting with patients/families, other health care team members
  • Assumes responsibility for own actions, decisions and behaviors
  • Demonstrates initiative in the performance of duties requiring a minimum amount of supervision or guidance