Pathology Consultant – Hematopath

Pathology Consultant – Hematopath

  • King Abdulaziz Medical City - Jeddah
  • Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

We are looking for hard-working & adventurous consultants who wish to advance their careers by joining overseas hospitals to gain international experience.


Responsible to diagnose diseases of the blood cells, lymph nodes and bone marrow. Using specialized tests such as flow cytometry studies and immunohistochemistry.

Education/Qualifications Required:

  1. Basic medical degree from recognized institution
  2. Post-qualification certification
    • Qualification Source from: North America, Western Europe, Australia or New Zealand
      • USA: The American Board of Pathology (AP) / Clinical Pathology (ACP) and Hematopathology Sub-Specialization
      • Canada: Royal college of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (specialist in Hematological Pathology)
      • UK and Ireland: GMC/CCST Specialist Register/Hematopathology
      • Australia and New Zealand: Fellowship from the Royal Australia and New Zealand Colleges
      • Western Europe: Equivalent certification to the above

Experience Post Qualifications

  • Minimum (5) five years of experience post board certification in country of origin/country of practice
  • Strong experience in examination and sign out of hematopathology cases in the areas of bone marrow/bone marrow pathology, peripheral blood smear and body fluids, red blood cell disorders and hemoglobin electrophoresis and routine and special coagulation
  • Strong experience in flow cytometry (analysis, interpretation and reporting)
  • Administrative experience with active role in laboratory accreditation and Quality Assurance
  • Teaching and research experience
  • Provision of on-call services as designated in department schedule


  • Current and in a Good Standing Medical License to practice in country of residence.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To provide diagnostic and consultative services to physicians and patients in accordance with privileges granted.
  • To participate in educational programs for the staff, Medical Technology students, interns, residents and participates in continuing education for laboratory staff and staff physicians.
  • Serves on Hospital and Departmental committees as directed.
  • Assists with the development and implementation of new techniques and services.
  • Actively participates in Quality improvement program.
  • Provides high quality patient care and management of patients in the area of Hematopathology.
  • Provides consultative service as requested.
  • Participates in the department’s education activities and training programs
  • Participates in research activities.
  • Participates in committees and other administrative functions as needed
  • Performs special procedures as required
  • Performs other duties as needed
  • Follows all Hospital-related policies and procedures