Pediatric Cardiology Consultant

Pediatric Cardiology Consultant

  • Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Hospital - Madinah
  • Madinah, Saudi Arabia


Responsible to diagnose and treat conditions such as congenital heart disease that is present at birth, variations in heartbeat rhythms (arrhythmias) and problems with circulatory function.

Education/Qualifications Required:

  1. Basic medical degree from recognized institution
  2. Post-qualification certification
    • Qualification Source from: North America, Western Europe, Australia or New Zealand.  
      • USA: The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS)
      • Canada: Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Certificate (RCPS-C)
      • UK and Ireland: GMC/CCST Specialist Register
      • Australia and New Zealand: Fellowship from the Royal College (FRACP)
      • Western Europe: Equivalent certification to the above

Experience Post-Qualifications:

  • Minimum Three (3) years after board/equivalent certification in USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand and France (DES).
  • Minimum Five (5) years after board/equivalent certification in Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Netherlands, Greece and France (DIS).


Current and in a Good Standing Medical License to practice in country of residence.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Providing patient care at a specialist level in accordance with the delineated scope of services and granted privileges.
    • Patient care includes encounters such as consultation services, follow-up care, performing procedures, sharing in on-call duties.
    • Patient care is delivered in the outpatient clinics, inpatient wards, emergency room, operating room, day unit, critical care units.
  • Practicing patient care in accordance with up to date best practices and based on scientific evidence.
  • Abiding by MNGHA quality improvement initiatives and practices and ensuring a safe healing environment for the patients (this includes compliance with hospital accreditation requirements).
  • Empowering patients and their families to become active partners in their health and wellness, and contributing to an excellent patient experience.
  • Expressing stewardship through having a high sense of accountability, appropriate utilization of resources, and focusing on efficient patient care processes.
  • Supervising the work of all team members under their responsibility (resident, assistant consultant, associate consultant) in addition to contributing to their professional development and providing periodic evaluation of their performance.


  • Undertaking administrative duties whenever required particularly in association with:
    • Patient Care, such as: Developing Clinical Management Guidelines, Clinical Pathways, and Evidence-Based Best Practices.
    • Quality Assurance and Improvement, such as: Audits, Peer Reviews and Morbidity & Mortality rounds.
  • Actively contributing to MNGHA partnership opportunities and collaborations.
  • Any administrative requirements, tasks or duties needed for the development of their division, department, executive department or hospital within the process of commissioning or operating as deemed necessary by the Supervising Consultant, Head, Chairman, Executive Director or CEO respectively.
  • This includes but is not limited to: Procurement requirements, recruitment of medical staff and manpower planning, developing policies and procedures and improving processes, developing department manuals, being members of committees, collaborating with other hospital departments.

Education & Research

  • Participating in general undergraduate and post-graduate teaching activities, based on related rules and regulations describing staff rights and responsibilities.
  • Providing regular teaching to all team members (senior and junior) appropriate to their level.
  • Participating in the educational activities in the service, section and Department, e.g. Grand Rounds, Journal Club, Daily morning meetings.
  • Taking advantage of continuing professional development events at MNGHA, and ensuring CME recertification requirements are maintained.
  • Ensuring having the minimal requirements and knowledge to conduct scientific research.
  • Participating in research activities within the department/hospital and working towards having scientific publications.
  • Respect patients and their families to promote a patient-centered care culture.
  • Participate in and supports quality improvement and patient safety activities as an individual or as part of a team.
  • Performs other related duties as required.