Pediatrics Anesthesia Technologist

Pediatrics Anesthesia Technologist

  • Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC)
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


To systematically prepare anesthesia sites upholding the safety standards of an aesthesia and
associated equipment’s. Provide skilled assistance for the anesthesiologists physician and anesthesia
provider adhering to the roles and responsibilities defined in the Scope of practice of an anesthesia
technician/ technologist.

Education/Qualifications Required:

  • BSc Degree in Anesthesia


  • Minimum Two (2) years of relevant experience in active Anesthesia Department


  • Current and clean medical license to practice in country/state of origin

Job Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Assists in establishing, maintaining and recording the functional integrity of all anesthesia
    equipment, regular checks as well as routine inspection by biomedical engineers and
    maintenance for these items such as Anesthesia machines, Infusion pumps and Airway
  •  Assists in preparing and re – preparing of the anesthesia environment which includes all
    anesthesia equipment and material on a daily basis for any anesthesia procedures.
  • Takes part in shifting the patient to operating room and positioned in a way not to cause
    pressure injury and transfer the patient to the PACU or intensive care unit.
  • Participate in sign in, time out and sign out procedure for patient safety.
  • Under the direct supervision and prescription of the anesthesiologist, preparing and
    administering anesthesia medication.
  • Provide skilled assistance to the anesthesiologist in the induction and. maintenance, including
    monitoring of the patient throughout all the procedure.
  •  Provide assistance during resuscitation of the patient in emergencies by anticipating the
    evolving circumstances (including intraop cardiac arrest, difficult airway and insertion of
    invasive monitoring devices).
  • Collection and analysis of blood sample from the patient. Utilize Point-of-Care Testing.
    Administer blood and other blood products if necessary to optimize patient care.
  • Performs daily, weekly and monthly checks, of the anesthesia carts for restocking and expiry.
    And complete the daily anesthesia documentation.
  • Troubleshooting in any adverse event that may occur intra operatively (technical or clinical).
  • Clean and disinfect all equipment used and prepare the operating room for the following
    case within the turnaround time.
  • Complying with applicable precautions for environmental safety and infection control to
    deliver the highest standard quality of care for all patients.


  • Daily room preparation according to the case, all anesthesia equipment calibrated, checked
    and ready for use, and checklist of consumable items refill and expiry date performed.
  • Prepare and administer intravenous anesthesia drugs under the direct supervision of the
    anesthesiologist and Witness in the dispensing of narcotics, controlled and semi-controlled
  • Establish and secure peripheral intravenous access and Assist in Central and Arterial line
    insertion (Intra-operative invasive monitoring).
  • Support the Anesthesiologist during general anesthetic induction, maintenance and complete
    reversal and in all regional anesthesia.
  • Monitor and maintain patient’s vital signs and report to anesthesiologist if intervention is

Role-Specific Job Responsibilities

  • Manages daily workload allocation within the specialist area, taking into account the
    changing/competing demands and making decisions about prioritization of caseloads.
  • Coordinates with senior staff sufficient inventory and shortage of material supplies and
    equipment for ordering and approving replenishments when necessary.
  • Coordinates other appropriate tasks and duties, when requested by the supervisor.